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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reflections on a "Blue Pony"

"Blue Pony" (Julie Miller)

There's a picture on the wall Taken back when I was small You are standing next to me I loved you the most of all

We would watch the winters thaw You would sing and I would draw animals and things for you In colors that you never saw

And my Blue Pony's gonna take me for a ride Down to where we used to go An I'll see your smile and touch your face And my heart will overflow Now the years have washed our times away Like footprints in the rain And the house is gone With the days we shared But our love will still remain

Tinkie Tunes(ASCAP)/Martha Road(ASCAP)

Buddy and Julie Miller are masters of music and remembrance. If you haven't heard their recordings, do yourself a favor and check them out, all of them. You will find a variety of musical influences represented in their albums with an intensity you cannot ignore. "Blue Pony" from the album of the same name is a powerful lyric that underscores love with simple, yet powerful imagery. The haunting song skillfully blends reminiscence with never-ending devotion unraveged by the forces of time. Julie's blue pony becomes the metaphorical vehicle that transports her to the childhood of her past. Beautifully written, beautifully sung, beautifully recorded.

I feel an immediate connection with the Millers' style and graceful production from early albums to the more recent "The Universal United House of Prayer." Treasures yet unknown to many, Buddy and Julie continue to make great music that deserves utmost attention. American music is alive and well through the Millers. In a time when many fall victim to saying, "All that stuff sounds the same," allow yourself to sample their unique, haunting music. I truly believe you will find your time well spent.

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