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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kansas Bigamy Case

A 61-year-old Kansas man has been arrested and charged with bigamy this week because he is allegedly married to two women (both in their 50's) who lived in the same apartment complex. Officials were called to the complex in November (2008) when his second wife confronted the man in his first wife's apartment and found out he was married to someone else. He and his first wife had been married for 22 years while the second marriage occurred in January 2006. I must admit this man must have some savvy for being able to get away with this dual relationship for almost three years. I mean, how did he handle customary family responsibilities, especially during times like holidays and celebratory events? I bet Christmases and anniversaries were real riots. And how about keeping good graces with two mother-in-laws? This man's life will probably be made into a sitcom. Maybe the extremely close proximity of his two wives actually aided his crime because the same complex would be the last place many would look for another lover. In his favor, it certainly made his spousal contacts convenient and less costly considering the price of gas and other travel expenses. I think the boldface bravado of the man bothers me the most. After all, cheating is bad enough, but bigamy is worse. Reportedly benefiting from the money both relationships provided him, the husband represents the worst kind of user. In this case, what kind of punishment would represent the best justice? I think a judge should sentence him to work two shifts for the next twenty years as "Torn Between Two Lovers" plays over and over on Musak and make him provide his paychecks to be equally distributed between his soon-to-be ex-wives.
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