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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A World of Good Intent

A smile greets smile as loving parents dote On every move and coo from their sweet child. No one could doubt the worth of such a gift So fine and free from scorn or harsh words vent. And so he grows above a safety net Not yet aware of falls that strike the ground. Supported with sweet love he lives content Until he ventures farther from the hearth. "You're not so cute," his friend so boldly states. "In fact, you're kind of fat if truth be known." The words he feels fall safely all around For he has faith in those he hears at home. He tries to read the book aloud at school, But finds some words too hard for him to say. The teacher frowns then calls on Alice Sue While John tells Pretty Ann, "That kid is dumb!" At noon the school lets all the students run Their games to show the group the sharing way, But he is often last on captain's tongues So he usually sits alone when teams are picked. In halls he hugs the walls to walk to class Because it's fun to push this nerdy kid . This fact is felt by all who shove or watch And laugh to join the joke so crass and mean. Now home no longer means so much to him. The truth is life sets snares to catch its prey. And he falls out of bed into the light That never seems to illuminate his path. At first all see the world with good intent. But some are quick to feel the constant pain Released by those who do not think or care As long as they stand tall within a crowd.
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