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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Distant Memory

Pretend I don't exist.
Discarded among the refuse of your history
And buried under the landfill of your passing days,
I remain as something learned and waiting for release.
I have been surviving in an alteration of your genes
Suspended for long-term recall.
I have built new synapses as my home,
And I refuse to leave the confines of my cerebral home.
When your present tried to evict me from the premises
I simply slipped deeper into your cloudy past.
Camouflaged among other experiences and encounters
I survived the cleansing of your soul.
Your conscious delivery created me long ago.
So now all the future activity of my networks
Is merely related expression of my birth.
I have metamorphed into a small malignant growth subsiding in remission.
True, I am no longer free to roam the broad expanse of your recollection.
You have repressed me neatly over time
And this lack of stimulation has made me lean and hungry.
But my survival is testimony to my unrelenting nature.
I have long been suffused with your emotions and confirmed by your reasoning.
Once I worked hand-in-hand with these forces to be your friend.
In my weakened state, I can no longer provide detailed and contextual information.
I am a just a dependent of a personal episode in your generic recollection.
Although I cease to be on your mind and lovingly nurtured,
I remain in your head like an orphaned child
Abandoned and forgotten by its mother
And left to a fate unknown.
So, you wait and rely on time to decay any trace of my existence.
But, in truth, you can not obliterate me but only change me
By jamming the molecular machinery that supplies my energy
With stronger newborn memories of your own.
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