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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Wish You Knew the Things I Couldn't Say

I wish you knew the things I couldn't say.
I tried many times to speak them but the words never found release.
I just could never discover the right sounds that spoke my mind.
Anyway, trembling lips betray such fragile expression.
Then, I would have told you how I thought my world depended on you.
Then, I would have handed over the secret I never shared with another.
Then, I would have pulled my very being from within
And placed it before you so that you knew I had nothing to hide.
But never did a place or time permit such complete disclosure.
But, even if it had, we both played the game of assumption.
But, we each had a role to act and our parts required no such truths.
Instead, we held our common ground and casually made our way.
Now, I don't believe in fairy tales and happy endings for silly dreams.
Now, I realize that time, once passed, never returns.
Now, I see tomorrow does arrive with swift, unrelenting precision.
And you were, to me, but a shimmering mirage.
I wish you knew the things I couldn't say.
Then, you may have lingered with me.
But, I blame myself for your hastened flight.
Now, I rely on you no longer.
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