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Monday, May 25, 2009

Answering Tough Questions

You always want an answer to your questions. I have a few reasons you may not find your answer:
Because besides Judge Judy, no one else in the world knows the real scoop Because you're the first person whoever asked me questions about that dumb poop Because when I say "because" that represents everything that there is Because the correct answer to your question is just none of your danged biz Because Albert Einstein has been dead and gone for many, many years Because I am sure I could never gulp down that much ice cold beer Because no one can remember the place George W. Bush was last seen Because you can't expect to know about the places that you've never been Because some questions are never meant to be really answered at all Because if I tell you, the complex systems of civilization will all fall Because my mind is too occupied with decoding remaining secrets of DNA Because you would die in fear finding out the real date of Judgment Day Because the CIA and FBI both swore me to a vow of total secrecy Because you couldn't live with the truth the way I know it to be Because you would learn something about yourself you didn't want to know Because then you wouldn't be the only one left to eat the yellow snow Because when you have all the answers, I have to change the key Because some things exist that very young eyes should never see Because the response is so complex you'd have to get a brain transplant Because the Geico caveman and his wife are really your uncle and aunt Because you think a Rhodes scholar is the big boss on the state road crew Because after the answer it would still be something that you never knew Because you make me feel as if I am small and my mind is blank Because you jumped ship with all the rats when my first ship sank
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