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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Homosexuals and Christians

You know, you really should believe in something. And, with conviction, support what you believe. I don't care if you believe animal crackers are the key to the universe, just believe it and support it and make sure you don't hurt the other fellow with your beliefs. Which brings me to the "touchy" subject of the day. I believe in being a heterosexual. That belief does not interfere with the rights of homosexuals to practice their own beliefs. I do go to a club that doesn't allow gay dancing or open displays of gay affection. They do not ask your sexual persuasion when you join because that is a breech of personal rights; however, the club makes their rules explicit as to behavior allowed in the club. I don't believe in openly stating my sexual preference in any situation. I observe and respect the privacy of others in such matters. If I didn't want to respect the rules of the club, I would not have joined. I would not go to the club to flaunt behavior that the club does not allow. Why would I want to remain a member if not in good standing? Likewise, I keep myself out of biker clubs (I'm not a biker.), gay clubs (I'm not gay.), Nazi and Skinhead clubs (I am neither.) But if these people want to operate a club within their legal rights, then I have no problem respecting their operations. I am not looking for trouble by entering their club and forcing my social, political, or sexual orientation on their establishments. I expect their members not to force a lifestyle on me. I don't want a prospective friend to ask me questions about my sexual orientation in order that he might judge me to be a bigot if I strongly believe in heterosexuality. A bigot may be defined as "a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own." My friends who are homosexuals (I perceive that by our conversations.) do not expect me to rally around their banners of support because they respect my rights to private convictions and preference. I am tolerant of different sexual orientations. I am not a homophobe: a person who hates or fears homosexual people. But the reality is that stating you are homosexual to a group of heterosexuals is less likely to draw negative reactions than stating you are a heterosexual to a group of homosexuals. It is not meant to be a matter of public record in the first place. Yet, today, heterosexuals are often drawn out and branded as "bigoted" by those who wish to advance their cause. In truth, this rush to judgment is bigoted behavior by homosexuals. What I tolerate and what I actually do are two entirely different subjects. And, please, let's put the purely religious interpretations to rest for a few minutes. Why? Arguments can be made for acceptance of conduct on both sides of the issue by using the Bible. Old Testament vs. New Testament and Jesus's non reference aside, I believe the issues of marriage, co-habitation, and orientation are personal issues in many respects. But, why do people insist upon condemning a different viewpoint in the name of God? Read some verses if you like and are truly going to use the Bible for reference: Genesis 19:1-29, Judges 19:1-30 Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Timothy 1:3-13, Jude 1:7-25, Romans 1:26-32. As Christians, people know that God alone will properly judge and condemn improper and proper behaviors. This is the same God who gave us commandments not to steal and not to commit adultery. People practice these behaviors and are daily forgiven. God loves people as they are, so isn't it wrong for Christians to stereotype any person so that he or she can be treated as a statistic and dismissed? But, if you believe in Christianity, the fact that Jesus never spoke of homosexuality as a sin could be dismissed the same as knowing that Jesus never spoke of murder as a sin either. We all know that murder is a sin. I am not a deity. I cannot judge all proper and improper moral conduct. Furthermore, I will not treat anyone with something other than love unless they display conduct undeserving of my love. With that in mind, please, I beg you, quit bashing people who believe that homosexuality is wrong. Many of these people are willing to lovingly tolerate and respect a homosexual's rights. This does not mean everyone has to believe in every aspect of that person's private matters. And lastly, if you are a homosexual and indeed want a Christian wedding ceremony, decide what Bible you are using as a basis for your union. Civil ceremonies are available.
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