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Friday, May 8, 2009

Quiz-- Rock Lyrics in Guitar Songs

I feel so guilty about my apparent lack of television knowledge that I have decided to post one of those fun and slightly annoying quizzes about music. The following lyrics are contained in a reputable critical source's review of the best guitar songs of all time. Especially since Guitar Hero is so popular now, an interest factor certainly must exist for these tunes. The list is rock based and spans all time frames and subdivisions of the form. Your job is to identify the lyrics in the guitar songs and name the title of the song. Good luck. Answers will follow at a later date. E-mail entries or put them on the site to compete. Who is the Lyric Master of Guitar Heroes? Contact Good luck! 1. Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade Strumming with the rhythm that the drivers made 2. You've been learnin', baby, I bean learnin', All them good times, baby, baby, I've been yearnin', 3. I tried to give you consolation When your old man had let you down. Like a fool, I fell in love with you, Turned my whole world upside down. 4. Sprung from cages out on highway 9, Chrome wheeled, fuel injected,and steppin' out over the line Oh, Baby this town rips the bones from your back It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap 5. I'm going to Wichita Far from this opera for evermore I'm gonna work the straw Make the sweat drip out of every pore 6. Hello woman of my dreams This is not the way it seems Purple words on a grey background To be a woman and to be turned down 7. I never wanted 2 be your weekend lover I only wanted 2 be some kind of friend, hey Baby, I could never steal U from another It's such a shame our friendship had 2 end 8. A mulatto, an albino A mosquito, my libido Yeah, hey, yay 9. I got nine lives Cat's eyes Abusin' every one of them and running wild 10. And a crowd of young boys they're fooling around in the corner Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band It ain't what they call rock and roll 11. You got your spell on me, baby. You got your spell on me, baby. Yes, you got your spell on me, baby, Turnin' my heart into stone; 12. Actin' funny but I don't know why 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky. 13. I was told a million times Of all the troubles in my way Tried to grow a little wiser Little better ev'ry day But if I crossed a million rivers And I rode a million miles Then I'd still be where I started Bread and butter for a smile 14. Come crawling faster obey your Master your life burns faster obey your Master 15. The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin A nuclear error, but I have no fear London is drowning-and I live by the river. 16. When the chimes ring five, six, and seven, We'll be right in seventh heaven. 17. There's a train a-coming You don't need no baggage You just get on board All you need is faith To hear the diesels humming Don't need no ticket You just thank the Lord 18. Sold in a market down in New Orleans. Scarred old slaver know he's doin' alright. Hear him whip the women just around midnight.
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