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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What is Your Pleasure?

What is happy? Temporary at best It’s over-rated Whether you find it Or do it Or just run into it What is happy? Lasts a while It’s temporary Whether you wear it Or drive it Or live in it What is happy? Satisfies a little It’s relative Whether you feel it Or revel in it Or lust for it What is happy? Changes with time It’s dependent Whether you have it now Or expect it soon Or breathe it in What is happy? Lives in point of view It’s priceless Whether you sugar it Or swallow it Or are consumed by it What is happy? Ages every day It’s fickle Whether you play it Or hold it tightly Or wish it back What is happy? Unrestrained by design It’s elusive Whether you box it Or tie it up Or shut it in your room What is happy? Spiritual forever It’s hopeful Whether you read it Or ponder it Or wait patiently on its deliverance.
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