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Monday, June 8, 2009

Frank's Little Known Facts

OK, I have seen those quizzes by the dozens. Here are a few facts without a quiz that you may have not known about me.
1. I like Brussel sprouts, asparagus, kale, spinach, sauerkraut, and beets; however, I will eat no organ meat including chicken livers. 2. During the summer of 1970, I worked and lived in an all-black community in Bricks, North Carolina. Saw racism first hand even then. 3. I worked for the Youth Conservation Corp for three summers: 1977, work leader at Wilmington College; 1978, camp director at Defiance College; 1979, camp director at Rio Grande College. 4. I directed the West End Tutoring Program for several years beginning in 1970 as part of Portsmouth's West End Ministries. Also Youth Leader at Bigelow U.M. Church for years. 5. I attended the Ohio Writing Project at Miami University, the center of writing instruction in Ohio. The greatest input into instruction in my life- across the curriculum and practical. 6. After having a college deferment, I was drafted by the Army in 1971, had my physical and was 1A but was not called because President Nixon began Vietnamization. 7. I graduated bachelors and masters from Ohio University but never stayed on campus. 8. On my senior trip, I waded in the Washington Monument reflecting pool and raced up the steps to the top of the monument. Train ride all night there- tour- train ride all night back. 9. As a freshmen, I started in the outfield in the State Final Baseball Game for Valley in 1966. 10. I have owned, no longer, a Gibson SG, a Gibson Hummingbird, and an Alvarez Yairi guitar. 11. Lake Margaret and Dreamland (Terrace Club) Pool were huge parts of my life. Peggy Campbell was so good to me. God rest her soul. 12. Less illustrious jobs- sold sweepers for one week, worked for Keebler Cookies, worked for Krogers, worked at a gas station. 13. My dad was hit by a train, and lived, at Cook Road Crossing in 1967. Before crossing lights. 14. I was league high point in Biddy Basketball one year- high school Ididn't play. I do hold a couple of football receiving records still- I think. All SOC- Defensive End, 1968. 15. Crosley Field was one of the most awesome sights I have ever seen-- color and action. 16. I liked those footers they used to have at the Scioto County Fair with Cuban Hot Sauce. 17. A girl in Creative Writing Class my first year of teaching helped make me a lot better teacher. She was so smart, I worked like hell just trying to stay a page ahead of her all year. She was brilliant. 18. I've had two children hurt pretty seriously in 4-wheeler accidents. Motorcycles scare me. 19. I'm totally color-uncoordinated. I really don't see the importance of matching. 20. The most memorable place I have ever spent any time is Brooklyn, New York, with my Great Uncle John, who was Finnish. 21. Poco and James Taylor were probably the best concerts I've attended. Although I have seen Hendrix, the Doors, Dylan, the Allman Brothers, Yes, Eagles (3 times), Everly Brothers, Willie, Merle Haggard, Waylon, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Jim Croce, Ted Nugent, Loggins and Messina, and Jerry Lee Lewis. 22. I like McDonald's coffee and I never drink it in designer clothes. 23. I prefer soft and laid back to glaring and shocking. 24. I subscribe to Rolling Stone and wish it was still ALL about music. 25. I drink a beer or two... but on occasion of maybe once a week. And, I have NEVER messed with illegal drugs. 26. Scratch backs and massage feet-- great! 27. If you must get a tattoo, get it where it will never show in public. 28. I hate cigarette butts all over God's creation- take care of your own dirty butts. 29. I love people who have all the odds stacked against them and, somehow, right their lives. They get double respect from me for the efforts. 30. I speak up too much-- it's an old habit, hard to break.
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