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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Think You Know What I Need?

You think you know what I need? You're just another damned, chattering fool. You judge me through a microscope Peering into the scars of my discontent Until my defects grow grotesque and bold To suit your meddlesome inquisition You re-examine each blotch and blemish That craters the long cold past And pick at any scab to irritate Fresh blood flow in scarlet streams Then everyone will gawk As they pass so slowly by Looking for a gash or rip To justify their morbid wish There's the flaw! The gore! The fault! That put the asses in their seats Of Roman Coliseums Or Lazy Boys in the den I'm a monstrous contradiction Caught in your intense stare A half-truth, mainly fiction The lying geek of your vast midway You see, I help you swallow your afflictions And plump your cushioned throne While exposing my vile, sick nature You appear so pearly white All I ever wanted were your memories Of my ill-defining hours To remain in your recollection Handy weapons for your use You think you know what I need? You're another damned,chattering fool. I need your ridicule I need your seething hate I need your stinging tongue I need your barbs of pain I need your stones of justice I need your painful revenge Until you have to stop Satisfied with what remains And wash it from your path Faults scattered red among the grass
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