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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Well Do You Know Frank?

Those "Getting To Know Me" exercises on Facebook usually just kind of make me go "blah." I am going to devise my own one just to see if the revelations are more precise for understanding true character. Anyway, here is my personal quiz. Please read it and reply with your own answers to the questions. If you dare. 1. What do you long to do again the most? Have the old athletic abilities back and play centerfield in a baseball game every day of my life. 2. What is something you most like about beautiful girls (handsome guys)? They are friendly, act as if they really are interested, smile, and have something to say with eye contact. 3. What is something you were never comfortable doing? Making small talk with a diva or a cocky guy whom I have never met before and acting as if I cared. 4. What goal did you set for yourself that you did NOT achieve? Teaching English at Valley High School for 30+ years. 5. What is my usual role in group functions? I am normally the one who tries to humor the group or encourage people to help teamwork. 6. What can't you seem to give up? Keep from making a pointed comment when I get upset. And, an occasion beer or two. 7. What is your biggest disappointment so far in life? My inability to secure stability and harmony in the future of my family. 8. What is your most memorable experience with the opposite sex? Dancing with happy feet until early hours of the morning, drunk with beer and music and laughing eyes. 9. Who, besides your significant other (mate, spouse) would you always trust to be a confidant? My brother, Phil. 10. What simple request do you find it hardest to turn down? An honest plea for help when I know I can be of assistance. 11. What is a observed behavior that always makes you angry? When someone treats another person as a "lesser" human being to gain a personal advantage. 12. What is something you vow to do with people you love? Be honest to the point of self humiliation. 13. What is something you vow to never explain, even with your closest companion? Reveal the makings of my most private inner-soul. 14. What strikes you as truly amazing? Few women "get" a wide variety of musical styles to appreciate individual artistry. (substance vs. appearance) Or women who don't understand Robert Johnson or Jimi Hendrix. 15. At what point in your life did you decide "who you are today"? Actually two points: when I changed majors in college from Journalism to English Education and when I went through a divorce in my twenties. 16. What was the happiest moment in your life? The day I finally accepted that I am, and always will be, an imperfect human being and decided to live with all the consequences while continuing my best attributes. 17. What was the unhappiest moment in your life? In 1984, in deep depression, I walked through a psychiatrist's door for the first time. 18. If someone gave you $200 and said, "Be sure to spend this money on something personal that makes you feel good," what would you do? Head for Columbus and Used Kids CD store for some new music. 19. What can you do better than anyone else? Teach a few concepts and play a limited role on a team that needs help. 20. What do you wish people understood about you? Although I have compulsions, I try to keep them within and never mean to hurt any one other human. In other words, I struggle at times with fears that are silly to most. 21. What do you think God has planned for your life? It seems to be work with teenagers- directing the West End Tutoring Center, working for the Youth Conservation Corp, teaching high school at Valley. Lately- writing something meaningful for someone. 22. What do you think is the most mysterious part of living? Loving, by far, in all its forms, complexities, and understandings. I'm an "All You Need Is Love" devotee in belief but mystified by its very nature. Nothing compares with its pleasures and heartaches. 23. What do you find it very hard to do? Discuss intimate matters of concern with my children when I find talking with other young adults fairly easy. 24. Who are your heroes from history? Give me Gandhi for a strategist. Martin Luther King, Jr., for a fearless leader. And an author named Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, for grace and forgiveness. 25. Fill in: "I am a frustrated __________." Musician 26. Fill in: "The best thing I have ever felt was _________." A hand or a kiss, depends on the circumstance and need. 27. Fill in: "Some of the goofiest things I have ever done include __________." Streaking, skinny-dipping, climbing a fire tower. 28. Fill in: "Something I have never done that others may think I have done is ________." Do or buy any illegal drug. Prescriptions out the wazoo and plenty of alcohol. 29. How could you most easily become a close friend of mine? Sitting down, one-on-one, and honestly talking about each other. Probably discussing hangups. 30. What song seems to come close to signifying your life? "Right On Time" by Randy Travis, Songwriters-- Sharon Rice and Al Anderson Lyrics to Right On Time : It's not my nature to be patient I jump every river I cross Not one for following the sensible side And I can't count the times I've been lost. Well, you can't see where you're goin' in the pourin' rain When you're runnin' into walls and feeling no pain We've all done time with the devil and I've done mine It took a while to get here but, I'm right on time. I may still regret some moments But it's just part of a riot I count myself among the fortunate ones Who made it to the other side. Well, you go what you go through to get where you are Lucky for me I didn't go too far I turned around before the end of the line Took a while to get here but, I'm right on time. Well, you can't see where you're goin' in the pourin' rain When you're runnin' into walls and feeling no pain We've all done time with the devil and I've done mine It took a while to get here but, I'm right on time. It took a while to get here but, I'm right on time...
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