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Monday, July 6, 2009

On Being a Terrible Father

On Being A Terrible Father So I disgust you? Pencil my name on paper And erase it until you rub It into shreds of trash With no letters No meaning No memory So I disgust you? Get your friends on the phone And relate your horror In graphic detail Of terrible treatment Terrible trauma Terrible existence So I disgust you? Gather an angry crowd Pump them with rhetoric Arm them with revenge And strike out in anger Strike bone Strike heart So I disgust you? Isolate my existence Torture me into retribution With silence and tension Until I break apart Break my belief Break my understandings So I disgust you? Paint me midnight black Cover over any specks Of bright redemption To darken my image Darken my past Darken my future So I disgust you? Vilify my relationship With your every word To inform the world Of your terrible fortune And your terrible life With your terrible father
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