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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wonder Why

Wonder Why Your wonder trips wires of emotion in your mind That ignite charges of inexplicable awe And shower you in jagged slices of cutting doubt That cripple reason for the brief time being. Had you presence of mind, Searing lust for adventure, Simple stimuli for motivation, Unquenchable curious nature. Instead, dilemma bleeds yellow streams of uncertainty That seep into all order and precise calculation Until systems shut down by the incredulous agony Leave a shell of unforgiving, lonely paradox. Had you proper admiration, Overwhelming sensation, Adequate meditation, Rational skills of query. You wonder about the lost opportunity. You wonder about the fork in the road. You wonder about the twisted turn of fate. You wonder about the cruel circumstance. The smile The kiss The deal The luck Money Passion Pretense Moment Life God Soul Death
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