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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Women Are Better Liars Than Men

Well, ladies, you have won another round in the battle of the sexes. And once again, I don't think confirmation of this comes as a surprise to many men. Quite simply, women are better liars than men.

According to her new book, Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie, author Susan Shapiro Barash argues that lying is a way of life for women. Lies and deceptions are an integral part of the public persona women show to the world. For women, lying is both a survival technique and a way to get things they want.

While a woman carefully guards her secrets to create opportunities, keep friends and preserve family harmony, a man lies for a quick fix. "For the majority of women, the hard work of the lie is the payoff-as long as we pretend to be good girls, cleverly covering our tracks," she writes. (Christine Whelan, Huffington Post, April 7 2008)

Most females lie "more cleverly and successfully than men" about everything from infidelity and facelifts to barhopping and shopping binges," says Barash. (Susan Edelman, New York Post, March 2 2008)

Then, it follows that a woman who lies may be harder to spot than a man who lies. Research by scientists at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh reveals just that. Women's greater skill with words can give them the edge over tongue-tied men at concealing falsehoods.

The researchers counted the pauses between words and have discovered that men are almost twice as likely as women to hesitate mid-sentence. This research is founded on the principle that normally liars can be spotted by an increase in the number of pauses in their conversations. (Toby McDonald, Sunday Herald, CBS Interactive, June 2 2002)

It is easy to see that women possess not only the instinctual skills and language skills for superior lying but also the natural attributes to make men more gullible. Men are men, easily distracted creatures who become easy victims of beautiful deception. What physical attributes do women use very effectively to lie?

1. First of all, a woman's voice is fixed and tuned to a frequency which evokes passion from a man. Why does a man who normally doesn't like to talk on the phone constantly call his girlfriend? To talk? No, just to listen to her voice and envision her being with him. To guys, pretty much all girls sound sexy on the phone.That's also why the phone sex industry makes millions while employing so many undesirables. Men buy lies from a woman's voice.

2. Next, a woman's eyes are beautifully radiant and less reflective of inner emotion than a man's. Women work for hours with eye makeup to increase this dramatic effect: a man becomes a lost puppy when a cute girl even looks him in the eyes. First of all, the shock of receiving the eye contact works like a stun grenade to cause temporary male memory loss. Then, even as he regains limited brain usage, the man is still rendered speechless. She lies and he's still recovering from the "look."

3. Then, there is the breast effect which, when used coyly with slight exposure and maximum enigma, projects a man through time to his boyhood days peaking at the bra section of Penny's catalog. The sheer fascination of collecting glimpses of so much variety is comparable to opening packs of baseball cards in search of a boy's favorite players. His mind falls into the cleavage and doesn't even care to be interrupted by judging a truth from a lie.

4. Finally, the legs and connected buttocks seem to defy physical laws as they animate a woman's sensual movements. A man looking at these features may as well be standing on a new car lot admiring the curves and styling of his favorite sports car. A woman revs a man's rpm's to the red line until he surrenders to temptation and buys into anything something with such allure would say. As long as she is built for speed, he is a contented consumer.

So, all in all, it's no contest. Women are better liars than men. Research or no research, men live with this and accept it as true. In all honesty, most men probably enjoy being the weaker sex in this matter. Many have resigned themselves to prefer a good story every now and then. One question does bother me though, "Why don't men leave the biggest field of lies, politics, to those who do it best?"

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