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Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Tough Being a Single Male

As part of my continual concern for you, the single man who feels hopeless and ill-prepared in the competitive quest to find a lovely companion, I offer these online suggestions for success. If nothing else, a person who takes these suggestions and finds rejection is actively pursuing answers to one of life's biggest mysteries -- the curious attractions of the feminine mind.

And, yes, ladies, good guys do exist, so those of you who have sworn off relationships because you have run into several skunks, please give a few new masculine mammals a chance. Men know they fall as witless victims to your charms, but many are seriously threatened by the fear of rejection and lack of understanding your diverse and complicated ways. Most men admit they are under your thumb of control as victims of the dating game and simply do not understand the rules.

Let's face it, money and good looks would probably help any man to find flocks of ladies. The success of initial attractions through such means frustrates others who are less fortunate. You must work with what you have -- maybe your skills lie in conversation, dancing, or even in listening. Putting yourself into circulation will give you confidence to compete. Without initial contact, all is lost.

OK, guys, contends the reason most dating techniques fail to work in a bar is that in clubs, girls get hit on all the time ("Can I buy you a drink?" or "Are you often in here?"). Most guys think clubs are the only place where it's okay to approach girls, so these are some of the only places where they believe it's all right to muster the guts to approach girls. And muster they do, often with slurry, alcoholic irreverence. The competition for any available women is intense.

Evidently, as this cycle continues with regularity, girls put up the so-called "bitch shield" as a mechanism to protect themselves from horny guys. Therefore, as good as your intentions may be, you may be "talking to the hand." Most women think you're looking for a quick fix. As you know, nearly all attractive prospects won't give you the time of day in these establishments. 

And, not only that, but clubs are too noisy and overcrowded, not conducive to comfort or privacy that the most desirable girls may desire to share with male company. Many women come to clubs to hang out with other women friends seeking a good time, not a date.

Of course, this would suggest you try small cafes and out of the way, unique places for your search. But, you see, since meeting and approaching women in these places are unlikely, you usually wind up sitting alone and feeling out of place. Most men feel uncomfortable being alone in tight quarters.

Where To Meet Women

According to, these are the Top 5 Places where women behave naturally:

1) Bookstore. Most customers here are women. Find a nice girl and get a book recommendation.

2) Grocery. Check the fruit and veg section. Women are into balanced diet. Start a conversation.

3) Drugstore. This is the same story as in #1 here. Still you face a small downside: Most women are in a hurry.

4) Clothing store. Head for the women’s section. Here is a mindframe: You’re looking for a present for a friend. Just ask, women love all kind of fashion questions.

5) Perfumery. Many women mingle here; unfortunately, some are overly committed shop assistants.
The cool thing about these places: Women act much more naturally here as only few guys approach them at these places.

Social Circles and Female Friends

In addition to places to find dates, you tend to meet women from your social circle, especially the women you want to meet. For example, let’s say you have a friend that has a sister. One day, you go over to the friend’s place, and his sister is there with a few of her friends. You’re introduced to everybody, hit it off with one of the sister’s friends, and before you know it you got a date.

You meet women through people you know. And this is the easiest way to meet people because if you’re friends with people they know, you must be a cool guy, right? It gives you some background of social value. It makes sense that the more friends you have, the more inroads you have into meeting women. So if you can continually expand your social circle, you’ll always be meeting women. Women who are your friends become potential dates. Women have more friends than men, and for some unknown reason they like to fix you up with friends for dates.

Perhaps, your best bet is to visit places where you are comfortable. This could be at church functions, at the library, at coffee shops, or at social functions you're invited to. Just make sure that you get out of your house if you want to meet women. You can't catch a fish if you haven't got your line in the water.

Some Corny, Probably Totally Ineffective Pickup Lines

1. Ever wonder why you have spaces between your fingers? So my fingers can fit there.
2. I didn’t have any body piercing until just now. You pierced my heart.
3. Do you like music? My favorite song is “I Will Always Love You.”They must have written that with you in mind.
4. If you were a burger at McDonalds, you'd be named McGorgeous.
5. I could die tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter – as long as I knew that I could meet an angel like you in Heaven. 

And Sad, But Weird News From Brisbane

"Improbably Successful Pick-up Line: In September, school officials in Australia's Queensland state said they were investigating an incident earlier in the year in which two teenagers had consensual sex that they recorded on a cell phone camera. The girl reportedly said she was convinced to lose her virginity out of fear that the world would soon end as a result of the scheduled re-start of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, later this year." [Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 9-2-09] 

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