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Friday, April 16, 2010

Useful Information For Thirsty Ears


Welcome to communication central. So many of you have inquired about addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail connections for our public officials, that this entry will address the issue of local information. You must have some patience and persistence as you use these contacts due to the volume of response some of these agencies receive. In addition, the area is dealing with the serious issue of under-staffing of public services in these trying economic times. But, Scioto County - a roar is much better than a squeak as we measure over 2,000 members.

May I suggest that you remember the daily activities of police and detectives vary with their occupational specialty—such as police officer, game warden, or detective—and whether they are working for a local, State, or Federal agency. Find the appropriate agency.

Duties also differ substantially among various Federal agencies, which enforce different aspects of the law. Regardless of job duties or location, police officers and detectives at all levels must write reports and maintain meticulous records that will be needed if they testify in court. In other words, these people are typically very busy with many vital personal concerns of their jobs.

In order to facilitate good communication, be courteous and explicit with any information you may give. Remember those whom you are speaking with or writing to: write down their name(s) and title(s). Also, accurately log the time and response to your question(s). If you do not understand the proposed solution, ask for more information or more detailed explanations. Don't be afraid to ask pertinent questions while remembering the old idiom "cooler heads prevail." Do not resort to namecalling or to using improper tone of voice.

As you do voice your needs, remember your response may be one of many about the same situation. In fact, that goal may be precisely the reason for your activism. As problems are exposed by more people, authorities respond with more urgency. Knowing and proving you are correct about any injustice will allow confidence and honesty to prevail. 

Good luck. I know many of you have something to say. And remember a pearl of inspirational wisdom by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: "The human voice is the organ of the soul." 
Scioto County Common Pleas Court

Clerk - Lisa D. White

Hon. Judge William T. Marshall  (criminal and general) 355-8301    
Hon. Judge David E. Spears  (domestic) 355-8316 
Hon. Judge Howard H. Harcha III  (criminal and general) 355-8207

Scioto County Probate Court

The Honorable Judge James W. Kirsch
602 Seventh St.
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-3998
Phone # 740-355-8360
Fax 740-353-1095

Municipal Court

Clerk - Leroy Kegley

Judge Steven L. Mowery and Judge Russell D. Kegley
728 Second Street 
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Phone & Fax:
(740) 354-3283

Scioto County Sheriff
Sheriff Marty Donini

Scioto County Sheriff's Office 
1025 Sixteenth Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Civil Division........740-355-8269

E-mail - Marty Donini 
John Coch, Detective Narcotics (740) 354-7566

Portsmouth, Ohio, Police Department

728 2nd Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: (740) 354-5268

Narcotics Reporting  (740) 354-5680   
Fax: (740) 353-6973

Charles Horner, Police Chief   
(740) 354-5268

Post 73 Ohio State Highway Patrol

(740) 354-2888
(Vehicle Report Only)

Post #73 - Scioto County

Portsmouth Patrol Post
US Route 23
Lucasville, OH 45648 
Highway Help - 1-877-7-PATROL (1-877-772-8765) from Ohio only - PO Box 182074 - 1970 West Broad St. - Columbus, OH 43223

Scioto County Commissioners

Commissioner Vernal "Skip Riffe III
E-mail - 

Commissioner Thomas Reiser
E-mail - 

Commissioner Mike Crabtree
E-mail - 
Scioto County Children Services

Children Services
3940 Gallia Street
New Boston, OH 45662

Fax: (740)456-6728

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