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Monday, April 11, 2011

Laughs in Church

I understand the importance of maintaining a sense of humor right up to that last gasp of oxygen. Although my view of what is humorous is outdated, I still enjoy a laugh or two every day that breaks its way into my geezerworld.. But, lately, I find myself just shaking my head over "funny." As I stand midstream in the humorous stream, I often don't know when to laugh or when to wince in pain. This is the state of existence when you are 60 years old. I just feel fortunate to laugh when I do understand the joke.

So, today, I want to prove that even in the most formal situations, humor can reign supreme. After all, nothing should be slapstick or bawdy in church, right? Well, try this short video offering and tell me it doesn't happen. Actually, I think the more formal the setting, the more potential for "funny" exists.

And print provides a lot of fun, too. Set to Mozart, too.

And, to cap this post, view and wonder. I have no idea what is going on here, but it sure is funny (at least, to this guy). This is a must see. Maybe it's communion Sunday with 100 proof.


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