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Monday, May 14, 2012

Please Help Bonnie and Tylar Hear Music Again


I woke up this morning, read my e-mail and clicked onto Facebook. Soon, I read a post that greatly disturbed me. Bonnie Bertram, my good friend in the Scioto Drug Abuse Action Team and SOLACE, shared this news:
"Someone stole my car stereo sometime between last night (May 12) and 6:00 pm tonight (May 13). What is really sad is that Tylar, my grandon, and I always listened to his favorite CD and also KLOVE on the radio on his way to school. He is six years old, and this is not the worst thing he has lost in his life. His mommy, Amber Howard, was murdered, and his Papaw died seven months after her funeral.
"Listening to the stereo was something he loved doing as I drove him to school on my way to work. He has lost so much. Why would anyone do this? I cannot afford another one. My car, parked in the driveway, is the oldest one on our street, and we are probably some of the poorest people in Portsmouth.
"This cannot be replaced and I still owe on my car. I have only liability insurance. Whoever took the stereo also tore up the dashboard and the ignition switch where the car key goes.
"If whoever did this was hungry, I would have fed you. If you needed a place to rest, you could have asked, and I would have helped you. But to destroy the one thing that gives Tylar so much pleasure... How do I explain this to him?
"I am a widow trying to make ends meet, and for someone to do this is cruel. I am praying for you, but when you or whoever you sold it to listen to the stereo, I pray that somehow, someway God touches your heart and you will remember a little six year old boy who no longer has his favorite CD to listen to.
His favorite song on the CD is "There's a Healer In the House." SO PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WORDS TO THAT SONG AND REMEMBER TYLAR."

This wonderful Christian woman and her grandson do not deserve this horrible fate. You may say, "I too have been the victim of senseless robbery or similar crime." And, I feel very sorry that you had to suffer similar misfortune. However, Bonnie is very poor and she has lost so much, yet she still gives everything possible to bring some precious light into this community. Even though Bonnie has suffered immeasurable losses, she still believes God is working to better the lot of all people.

As you can see by her words, Bonnie believes in forgiveness, and she understands that the criminals who wrecked her car need saving grace. She absolutely puts the souls of people first, even the souls of those who may harm her and her family. I know Bonnie -- she is gracious and forgiving to a fault. There is not a mean or avenging part of her nature. She has spent much time helping others through their own trying times. I can't fathom the generosity of this woman who lost her own precious Amber.

Despite the selfish, dreadful acts of the people who committed this senseless crime, Bonnie will recover and will continue to walk the good path of life. She understands that material things are not most important. I know she will get over this misfortune, yet it still deeply troubles me that people, in their sinful states, hurt others and destroy property.

Still, I very much understand how my friend, Bonnie Bertram, feels today. When people do not have much but still enjoy a simple pleasure that "lights" their existence, they look forward to the comfort that the simple pleasure brings. Music, a song, means of vital transportation -- these things comprise very important parts of life to Bonnie and Tylar. They are vital to their faith and to Bonnie's nurturing nature. The thieves have robbed them both of well-deserved joy.

I am making a plea. Will people please step up and help correct this wrong? Will some kind, generous person please restore Bonnie and Tylar's car to its former condition? I know some of you have the knowledge, the resources, and the skills to help them. I know that your help will be greatly appreciated not only by Bonnie and Tylar but also by their friends and by their heavenly angels.

Let's help put the music back into their lives, and in doing so, add a note or two of good will to the healing of this community. Thank you so much. Your prayers are so needed and so appreciated.

"If you're sick and feeling lonely I have good news to bring.
This Healer's name is Jesus, He is the King of Kings.
He rides on the winds of mercy.

There's healing in His wings.
So take the roof off of doubt and let your faith out.
There's a Healer in the house today."
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