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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

English Usage on the Democrat Net News

The following examples were taken from the latest online edition of the "Scioto Democrat Net News." One excellent way to teach usage is to use published writing as opposed to "canned" textbook examples.
In this simple blog, I offer you some actual content from the Net News. With the help of the highlighted areas, can you correct usage mistakes and improve content in the edition? Call me a "picky old English teacher" but someone must edit "important" public communication.
1. This is a free subscription internet news media.
2. Paid for by Scioto County Democratic Party, Ann Bobanich, Treasured.

3. Members of the Central Committee are encouraged to attend and invite your families and friends.
4. I am Glad to Report that our friend and Senator Sherrod Brown is still standing regardless of the fact that over 18 million has been spend to try to bring hime down.
(The Senator is still upright?)
5. Don't allow special interests decode this election.
6. I will represent your endrosement with honor during this campaign. (And, only during the campaign?)
7. Imagine what America will be like when our rights to pursue liberty and happiness is gone and we are subject to the ruling 1%.
8. Imagine when only a few of the priviledged can get an education in this country.
(So, is the intent only a few of the "privileged" in this country or "get an education" in this country? Wow, this is a  ridiculous statement either way you look at it.)
9. Imagine what America will be like when blacks, latinos and women can no longer vote. (Imagine what America will be like when you can no longer vote.)
(Isn't the proper term "African-Americans"? Is "Latino" an umbrella term for people from many different countries? Again, the content makes a ridiculous statement any way you look at it.)
10. Imagine Mitt Romneys finger on the button to release an Atomic War.

11. Imagine Mitt Romney deciding the fate of 47% of American who he calls moochers off the government, 47% who he has written off as a drag on the economy.
(And, Mitt will decide their "fate"?)
12. There is a Revolution going on in our country. We must call it what it is and react before it is to late.
(What is the "revolution"?  And we must react "before it is too late" to do what?)
13. They (the Republican Party) have proved this with their say NO to everything in Congress and their filibuster in the Senate.
(To "everything"? Isn't that a gross exaggeration?)
14. Does this have any resemblance of Patroitism.

15.  Get out and vote in this election. We are going to need everyone to vote to overcome the loss of te voters purged from the rolls of 26 states.
("Get out" of where?)
16. President, Emilys List
17. Scioto County Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting will meet September 27, 7PM, at Scioto County Democratic Headquarters.
(Are 47% "moochers" depending on the government, or are 47% "moochers" depending upon which "government" rules? Unclear)
19. Snippets of the video of Mr. Romney were posted online Monday afternoon by Mother Jones, a liberal magazine, which said it had obtained the recording and had confirmed its authenticity. The magazine said it was concealing the identity of the person who had recorded the video and the location and time of the recording.

(Is the material really "confirmed" for the public when the magazine is concealing the identity of the person recording the video?)
20. Sherror remains ahead in the polls.
21. Imagine what America will look like when Mitt Romney and the Tea Party takes us back 100 years.
(Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was elected in 1912 - a hundred years ago.
22. "An of 9:30 this morning, we're still $412,750 away from our $1 million goal. Rove and the Chamber are spending nearly $2.2 million this week. If 4,586 of you give $10 in the next 9 days, we will obliterate our goal. Can you contribute today. And that's why we're going to crush this $1 million goal before the FEC deadline on Sept. 30th.

(They want to "obliterate" and "crush" their goal?)
23. And the special interests aren't going to stop pouring money into this race. Because they want to win.

24. The other side is practically shoveling dark money into Ohio.We can't keep up with that kind of spending -- but we don't have to.

(Is the intention they want to "keep up" with "dark money" or undisclosed spending if they can?)

25. Scioto County's Drug Problem. Can you think of a better reason to elect Steve Goins for Sheriff.
(The "drug problem" is a reason to elect a sheriff?)

Did you find the errors? I am not writing this entry to belittle anyone or any political party. I am writing it in an attempt to make people aware of publishing material that contains mistakes and aware of the confusion and embarrassment these errors may cause. I hope to emphasize the importance of using correct English. Revision is a necessary step in the writing process. Unless writers practice it, their communication skills suffer. 

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