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Monday, September 3, 2012

Voting for Sheriff? Why Donini? Why Horner?

Marty V. Donini retired as Scioto County Sheriff and in the same day was appointed interim sheriff.
Then, he filed an application with the Court of Common Pleas of Scioto County to be a candidate for sheriff in the primary election on March 6, 2012. As a result of his victory in the primary, he is running for re-election as the Republican candidate for Sheriff of Scioto County.

Now, I am sure Sheriff Donini is a dedicated civil servant who has compiled a fine record in the Sheriff's office. I thank him for his hard work. I have no reason to doubt his abilities or attack him for his shortcomings. In fact, Donini is a 33 year law enforcement veteran and has been the Scioto County Sheriff for almost 15 years.

However, I am convinced we need a change from a "tired" administration to one that will bring new vitality to the office. Here is what Donini says about taking office again:

"'When I come back as the acting sheriff, the county will still have to contribute to the retirement system, but they will start paying at a lesser rate. It's like five percent less than what they are paying today,'" says Donini.

"When asked if he is worried about people thinking he is double dipping, Donini says if people look it his decision logically they will see that it makes sense.

"'Well, double dipping is a term people attach to it and I agree and I'm not denying it. And if the people of Scioto County feel like that is morally wrong and they don't want me to come back to work, then they have every right to vote against me. But I'm not going to lie down and give up. I grew up here and I want to do the best I can,' says Donini."

(Sara Vallone, "Scioto Co. Sheriff Plans To Retire But Continue As Sheriff," WOUB, October 28 2011)

Donini, himself, tells the populace who feel his reasons for running are wrong to voice their opinion by "voting against" him. In other words, if people in Scioto County want a change in the Sheriff's Office, they must vote him out in November. I have checked the frontrunners' websites to review each candidate's reasons for wanting to serve the people as sheriff. Look for yourself:

Republican Sheriff Donini's site:

Independent Charles Horner's site:

If you are open minded,  I think you can see the difference between these two men in terms of communicating with the public. Clearly, the lack of effective communication has hampered the office of the sheriff in the past. It is time to update and bring law enforcement into the age of open communication, effective response, and greater transparency. People want their complaints and their safety issues to be heard, and they expect timely, meaningful responses to their problems.

I believe that Sheriff Donini already has, as he puts it, done "the best that I can." For fifteen years he has been at the head of the Sheriff's office, and he has had ample opportunity to implement his proposed changes. Times have been extremely tough, and everyone knows drug abuse in this county has been epidemic. Donini has had more than his hands full.

Thank you, Sheriff Donini for a job well done, but the truth must be told.

Charles Horner has been the major voice
of law enforcement against drug abuse
during these difficult times.
He has proven this over and over.

If anyone doesn't believe this, reread the information on his website. Then, if you still don't believe it, ask those most active in the movement. Horner is a proven leader who wants the opportunity to expand change into the entire county. At his aid are a core of people dedicated to helping him better the county. They have witnessed his concern and his effective responses, and they know he will lead with new vigor and tireless initiative.

You see, voters, Horner believes in teamwork to achieve the best results. He asks you to help him with enforcement issues. He wants a more responsive community that will act WITH him to secure our county. He will LISTEN to you. He will NOT PROMISE you everything in the world, but instead, he will LEAD efforts to make CHANGES and effect NEW REALITIES. As a figure of authority, he will not put himself on an unreachable pedestal.

I began the Fix the Scioto County Problem of Drug Abuse Facebook site, and I have been an activist for the last four years in the fight against drug abuse. I am a member of the board of SOLACE and the Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation. I led ten pill mill protests two summers ago, and I am a member of the Scioto Drug Abuse Action Team. I have seen Charles Horner by my side supporting all efforts against abuse. He is a man of action.

I am not certain what Sheriff Donini will change if he is re-elected. Are you? I know Charles Horner wants to be your sheriff. He is your best choice for a positive change. He deserves the opportunity to continue his excellent work in law enforcement. I urge you to meet him and discuss your concerns. He is open to discussion, and he welcomes your participation. His Facebook group is appropriately called "Horner's Corner." Here is the link:!/groups/187723011337885/?bookmark_t=group

As an independent candidate, Charles Horner does not depend on a single political party to support him financially and with party loyalty. This, of course, puts him at a disadvantage in some ways. Instead, he has been tirelessly working for your votes with his voice and his presence. He needs the help of traditional Republicans and Democrats and independents to be elected. Yet, as an independent, he offers nonpartisan leadership that is sorely needed to solve problems. In short, Charles Horner wants to serve you for the right reasons.

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