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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lesson Plans: Lap Dancing With a 15 Year-Old

 Teacher, Felicia Smith

What possibly enters the mind of a middle school teacher who decides to give one of her students a lap dance in front of the class for his 15th birthday? Is she a sex-starved, child-molesting pervert? Is she a deviant with no concept of social norms and proper conduct? Is she warped to the point that she believes her "gift" is some kind of friendly, acceptable behavior for public display of affection?

It beats the hell out of me. Was she teaching a new class called Pedophilia Lap Dance 101?

Felicia Smith, age 42, a 13-year veteran teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas, has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student after giving him a birthday lap dance in front of the entire class. Smith posted a $30,000 bond.

The school district placed Smith on paid administrative leave while the case is pending.Video of this unconventional birthday party apparently exists, but has yet to be released into the public domain. It was filmed by an unnamed source. Sources report a copy of the video is on file at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and another copy is with the Aldine ISD Police Department.
video apparently exists of this unconventional birthday party in school, but has yet to be released into the public domain.
Read more at apparently exists of this unconventional birthday party in school, but has yet to be released into the public domain.

According to the male student, “Ms. Smith” grabbed his journal and stopped him from talking to his friends as he walked into his third-period class. He said he sat at his desk, and after the tardy bell rang, she placed a chair in front of the room. Music started playing and the entire class of middle school students began yelling and telling him to sit down. It was his birthday.

The student said he sat down and Ms. Smith gave him a full contact lap dance, rotating her buttocks against him and rubbing her hands all over his body as she fondled him. Ms. Smith also got on her knees in front of him and placed her head between his legs. The student admitted that he slapped Ms. Smith on the buttocks a few times and squeezed her butt.

At the end of the dance, Ms. Smith wrapped her arms around the student and he gave her bottom another squeeze. She hugged him and said “I love you, baby. Happy birthday,” according to documents.

During questioning, Smith admitted that she gave the youngster a lap dance at the urging of his classmates. She says it happened only after the rest of the class convinced her to. She also recalled that she lost her balance a few times as she circled his chair, which made the students laugh. I can only imagine the "laughs" she was getting for her unsightly 42 year-old "bump and grind."

Smith said her performance lasted about four minutes -- the length of the accompanying song. Some reports tell of a public display or erection. When asked if the dance was a misunderstanding or if the allegations were false Smith said, "no comment."

I've read about plenty of sexual encounters between teachers and young students. In addition, I've read about clandestine "love" affairs between staff and students. Yet, I must admit, I have never dreamed that a teacher would openly perform a simulated sex act as entertainment for her class. I can only guess that Felicia Smith must believe she is every boy's ideal sex cougar.

I believe, without a doubt, Smith knew the risks and the consequences of showing herself with such reckless abandon. I wonder if she considered her dance a contorted rite of passage to manhood for the 15 year-old? Or, did she think the lascivious display would endear her to a group of impressionable young people all too familiar with "twerking" and other overly suggestive modern, sensual dances? Or, as many will certainly conclude, was Smith just advertising for a booty call from a viral, testosterone-charged young male?

Jesus, please give us the opportunity and the grace to allow adolescents to develop innocence. There is no smidgen of love or affection in Felicia Smith's present of a lap dance. In doing her egotistical, erotic gyrations, she purposely cheapened herself by playing the role of a prostitute while physically and sexually assaulting a minor student in her class, a student for whom she was charged with the legal responsibility of in loco parentis, ("in the place of a parent")."

Smith violated all her students' civil liberties by acting without proper restraint. In addition, she subjected the entire class to watching an act of simulated sex, which, in itself, will likely leave lasting scars on immature minds. To witness such lewd behavior from a classroom teacher is parallel to forcing the children to view blatant, perverted obscenity.

Felicia Smith evidently suffers from a severe mental malady, and I am certain parents will search for past evidence of her abusive behaviors and now will question how a school district could hire an employee with these tendencies. I imagine she will receive mental health treatment for her illness, but she must be separated from contact with school children ... perhaps forever.

Last, I must wonder about post-secondary education and the wisdom garnered from an education degree that rests inside Smith's brain. Has the liberal acceptance of sexual conduct in major institutions led to the charge of a new revolution against youngsters' Puritan-like behaviors, and thus spurred some instructors to break the barriers of all inhibition in regard to sexual exposure and sexual conduct?

Damn the slide toward complete sexual freedom for youth. Most young people possess Ferrari bodies with Pinto brains. To add fuel to the fires of young risk-taking and instantaneous passion is simply repugnant. It has no place in the wildest conventions of the educational process. Felicia Smith has demonstrated her MILF-advertising intentions in a lustful explosion for all to see.

Call it a misguided, four minute lapse of reason if you wish. I call it trashy, whorish behavior unfit for child consumption. I believe it borders on public rape of an extremely impressionable child. And, it certainly puts a new face on all instructors' concepts of "hot for teacher."


Well, just to top off this little diatribe, I thought I would share some popular lap dancing lyrics with you. I would say "enjoy" but only a person like Felicia Smith might employ this as some kind of enjoyable, instructional aid.

From "Lap Dance" by Tyga

"Benzo, batman, big hoe, lap dance
Ass so fat need a lap dance
Ass so fat I need a lap dance
Benzo, batman, big hoe, lap dance
Ass so fat need a lap dance
Ass so fat I need a lap dance...

"It's raining ass and titties, yeah, ass and titties
If you ain't throwing money, mind your f-cking business
Floss like a dentist, Dennis the menace
Room of crazy n-ggas, probably get a life sentence
Sharper than a tac, attack and bite you bitches
Swagga jack and biting on like you n-ggas
Like conscious rappers, mad cause we winning
Snug long nose call it Scottie Pippen
Ahh, got like 200k large, in the back seat of my car
Like see Alice I go hard, motherf-cker
One, one, two, two bitch what it do? three, four, drop it to the floor
Five, five, six, six, Rub on her tits
Seven, seven, eight, eight, make that ass shake"

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