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Sunday, August 10, 2014

ISIS -- Bombing and Escalating

President Obama has prepared Americans for a sustained military involvement in Iraq, saying the United States is ready to continue with air strikes to protect U.S. diplomats and citizens and others under attack from the Islamic State terror group ISIS.

"I don't think we’re going to solve this problem in weeks," the President said on the South Lawn of the White House Saturday. “This is going to be a long-term project.”

The White House  believes any action would be consistent with international law because U.S. input was requested by the Iraqi government.

Although the President said the ISIS' blitz advances have surprised policymakers and analysts, some news agencies disagree. These analysts say the buildup has been staging for years. Obama claims the lack of a cohesive Iraqi government makes the attacks possible because it is dominated by Shiite Muslim factions that have been accused of mistreating Iraqi Sunnis. Now, ISIS has emerged as the most ruthless of the Sunni Jihadist organizations in Iraq and Syria.

The administration is putting pressure on Baghdad to reform, including replacing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Let's Make This Simple

1. ISIS, comprised of the most extreme and violent Sunni jihadists, is successfully invading Iraq because the Iraqi government the U.S. supports is comprised of Shiites who have already mistreated the Sunni faction. ISIS is ruthless and spells "payback" with the letters "d-e-a-t-h."

2. The Shiite Iraqi government, although much larger than ISIS, is evidently less committed to defending its own freedom, so it called upon the U.S. to bomb the Sunni ISIS group.

3. After ISIS routed well-armed Iraqi forces, the U.S., which withdrew from Iraq in 2011, complied with Prime Minister Maliki's to re-enter the conflict with "sustained involvement" of bombs and humanitarian aid.

4. The President pledged to stay involved in the fight against ISIS and expects Maliki to reform.

Now, for the summary:

Bad Shiite vs. Bad Sunni = Bad Blood and Revenge
Bad Shiite Leader Maliki + Bad Sunni Leader Bakr al-Baghdadi = Bad Blood and Revenge

At the same time ...

The U.S. supports the Shiite faction, a group that can't support itself, but expects it to change to be more understanding and loving to the bloodthirsty Sunni group that is being bombed. Holy mackeral, Aunt Martha, in the meantime, blood is flowing, children are starving, and heads are dropping while Iraqi soldiers are deserting.

Atrocities and genocide continue in many places today. Iraq is a hellhole comprised of groups of people who spill blood like water. Without a daily updated scorecard, the average American cannot even tell who are the real terrorists or what factions and countries the American political and money machines support.

Foreign policy experts are split half on whether to bomb or not to bomb, and they disagree on whether our enemies are in Syria or in Iraq. It seems the plans for improvement all lack any guarantee for success. Politics, politics, politics... decisions initiated by knee-jerk responses lack needed foresight.

How is the bombing of these ISIS factions going to take back Mosul or the Sunni Triangle, areas already lost? This bombing cannot regain territory lost to ISIS. Of course, no one knows how long the offensive will last.

"The confusion I'm feelin' ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head and they fall to the floor
And if God is on our side, He'll stop the next war"

From "With God On Our Side" by Bob Dylan

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