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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meth Arrest Poses Poisonous Terror Threat In Portsmouth

"Carlos A. Harr, Jr., 42, of West Portsmouth, was arrested and charged with possessing chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine, and Maria J. Mynes, 37, also of West Portsmouth was charged with possession of chemicals to manufacture methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possession of Suboxone, a Schedule II narcotic."

(Frank Lewis. "Two arrested with meth chemicals. Portsmouth Daily Times. January 21, 2014)

These two idiotic criminals have been arrested on drug charges after a truck they were in was found to have a tank of anhydrous gas.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers found the tank in the passenger compartment of the vehicle while conducting a traffic stop around 3:24 p.m. Tuesday (January 20, 2014) on Chillicothe Street at Ninth Street in Portsmouth. The officers said the occupants admitted to having knowledge of the tank and that it contained anhydrous, a chemical used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

An approximate one-square-block perimeter was established until the tank was neutralized. One local business was evacuated during the process for the safety of the employees. Members of the Portsmouth Police Department cordoned off the area and told those who remained in their offices to keep doors closed and outside ventilation shut off.

My wife works at Stakers Drugs, and the stop was made in their parking lot. The business had to close because of the extreme danger posed by the criminal. Not only can exposure to anhydrous ammonia (pure ammonia) cause difficulty breathing, pulmonary edema, and burns, also it can be fatal at high concentrations.

I detest Harr and Mynes for their apparent meth production, but I abhor them even more for the mindless peril they presented to my wife and to so many others as they recklessly drove around our county with a tank full of a potentially killer chemical. This behavior should be considered an act of local terrorism and subject to very stiff penalties. I hope the ignorant pair is prosecuted to the fullest.

I believe it is unspeakable to consume and to manufacture meth. Only those desperate for highs and greedy for profits would expose themselves and/or others to the drug. Most of meth’s key ingredients are toxic and highly flammable. Meth "cooks" use many other chemicals that come with warning labels telling the consumer not to ingest the product. Of course, meth manufacturers don't include such warnings on their finished product.

Here are some common substances used to make methamphetamine:
Gasoline additives
Rubbing Alcohol
Ether (starting fluid)
Paint thinner
Camp stove fuel
Anhydrous ammonia
White gasoline
Rock, table or Epsom salt Red Phosphorous
Toluene (found in brake cleaner)
Red Devil Lye
Drain cleaner
Muraitic acid
Battery acid
Lithium from batteries
Sodium metal
Cold tablets
Diet aids
Energy boosters

I want to thank the OSHP in addition to the Portsmouth Police Department, the Portsmouth Fire Department, Life Medical Response and the Scioto County Drug Task Force for their vigilance and for their dangerous work that helped protect so many innocent lives this Tuesday. In particular, on a personal note, I want to thank them for coming to the aid of my wife, Cindy, who was working so close to the stop of the vehicle.

In closing, I want to implore you meth cooks (And, there are many in our small county.) to stop the manufacture of your poison. However, if you insist on continuing your criminal activity, do so in locations far away from human inhabitation and visitation. If you must mix this acidic cocktail while addicting yourself and others, do so where you are the only morons in danger of explosions, fires, and chemical leaks.

And, last of all, you uncaring, meth-cooking SOB's, I hope you all suffer the ugly impairments of your hellish business. As you pour the chemicals into yourself and sell them to others, I want you to realize you are destroying precious bodies, minds, and souls. As you commit your slow, tortuous murders of addiction, you create ugly zombies who lurk among innocents and prey upon the citizens of our communities. We do not have to stand for this mindless intrusion into our lives. Period. If you must, go ahead and destroy yourselves, but present no harm to anyone else.

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