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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Parallel Universe of Justice With "No Lie"

Justice With No Lie

by Dave Alan Walker

An innocent man
lies his head down to rest
not wanting to wake
to the morning sun

Instead wanting to wake
in a parallel universe
where truth and justice
is number one

In the real world
his days seem like years
they eat away at his
mind body and soul

If a witness would lie
he knows he might die
before truth and justice
Would see the light
but he's got to keep up the fight

All he wants
is justice with no lie
so come forward
and let truth and justice
shine it's light  

Imagine your life hanging in the balance as it depends upon truth and justice. And, in doing so, think about being in that perilous position knowing with absolute certainty that a distortion in the justice system -- a lie, or, even worse, an unjust miscarriage of the law has robbed you of the truth. You know you are innocence, but that matters little when your word means nothing in your acquittal or in your conviction.

Many innocent people have suffered long jail sentences and even death because truth and justice did not serve their guarantee of the pursuit of happiness. Still, we say, "America's system of justice is not perfect, but it is the best in the world." It may be; however, that does not help a person deprived of truth.

I cannot fathom the pain suffered by those who are falsely accused or by those who cannot find equality under the law. Miscarriages tear innocent people and their families apart. The results of a failed system cannot be understated in their potential for evil. Ernest Hemingway once wrote: “All things truly wicked start from innocence.”  

Perhaps a parallel universe is the only place one could find "truth and justice is number one." And, even if you believe in hypothetical separate realities, you can not escape the imperfect one in which you live. Harsh judgments that rest on lies create wounds in a justice system that never heal, but fester and spread among the populace.

We should celebrate every human's victory to overcome lies meant to destroy soul and spirit. Those who lie to show their power and influence are nothing but enemies of all innocents who may somehow cross their paths set on intentional, wicked gains. They use lies to continue to profit, and they spread these falsehoods disguised as birthrights -- the tyranny they master is bolstered by their lackey friends. And, yes, their deceit is erroneously taken for justice.

The deepest cut does not come from those who spread falsehoods. The most grievous harm is inflicted by a justice system that blocks the light of truth that must shine through for justice to prevail. I believe those who willfully control this inequity instead of allowing natural, righteous illumination to prevail are sinners of the worst kind. It is very difficult to feel any pity for any operative of a false system.

"In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between
large and small problems, for issues concerning
the treatment of people are all the same."

--Albert Einstein

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