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God Gave Trump the Election -- A Lion To Triump Over the "Curse"


Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th president of the United States. Lately some of my devout Christian friends have told me that Trump won the election because it was the will of God. They evidently believe everything that happens is the will of the Almighty. However, they are especially fervent about proclaiming a heavenly Trump victory.

As I didn't get God's memo that Trump was anointed, I just had to research this opinion. So, let me share a little of what I found online.

The Holy Trump

Anne Graham Lotz, who writes for Charisma News, whose slogan is “Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective, says, “God has kept the first part of His promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14:
"If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Lotz believes God is now, through Donald Trump, “claiming His promise for the healing of the land.”

(Anne Graham Lotz. “Intercede for President-Elect Trump With These Biblical Prayer Points. Charisma News. November 18, 2016.)

Then there is Dr. Michael L. Brown, guest columnist for NE News Now on the American Family News Network. Brown also believes Trump has been elected by divine intervention. Brown writes, “There are times when there are so many odds against something happening, when it so greatly defies logic, that it is easier to recognize God's involvement.”

For support, Brown uses Dr. Lance Wallnau, Christian speaker and leadership coach, who believes God is raising up Trump to be “a Cyrus-type leader – someone used by God to help the nation, even though he himself was not a believer.”

Wallnau believes God is using Trump as the “chaos candidate.” He thinks Trump is the "wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.” Wallnau says, "His emergence is such a destabilizing threat to the vast deal-making machinery embedded in both parties that he has the unique distinction of being rejected by both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans at the same time."

(Michael L. Brown. “Donald Trump - president-elect by the sovereign intervention of God.” NE News Now. November 09, 2016.)

Another Christian leader, former Pennsylvania State Rep. Sam Rohrer, who currently heads the American Pastors Network, announced that the election of Donald Trump was God's answer to Christians' prayers. 

Rohrer relates: “We (he and his pastors) said, 'God have mercy on us and if you choose, in your providence, to overrule the manipulations of man, make a win so clear that even the opponents would have to say somebody like God, or God, did it.' And I believe that that’s exactly what happened.”

Rohrer added,"I believe that what we saw was God answering the prayer of his people, and giving us a window, not necessarily a long window, but I think giving us a window of opportunity that now really, more than ever, depends on what God's people do following what we saw happening on Tuesday (election day)."

(Michael Allen. “Christian Leader: God Elected Trump, Answer To Prayers.” November 15, 2016.)

And, finally, allow me to present the eye-opening views of Larry Wood presented on the website “Bible Doctrine News.” Wood says Trump, the Roaring Lion, is a divine appointee with angelic support, and his election victory in 2016 is all about sanctification of evil that was taking the nation down under the Four Generation Curse.

Now I'm kind of unsure about this curse. I must admit this is the first time I have heard about the holy malediction, but Wood claims ...

The Four Generation Curse is one of the most profound doctrines in the Bible. It affects four generations of a family, and no family in recorded history has ever been free from the curse. Even children of the promise, of which there are two in the Bible, could find no one to marry that wasn't under the curse. Before procreating children, all Christian parents should know what is in store for them from this curse.”

Evidently, according to Wood, the Roaring Lion – Donald Trump – was elected by “the Grace of God to prevent the destruction of the USA under the Four Generation Curse.” I'll let Wood expound...

The government immigration policy of open borders is Satan's policy of the Tower of Babel. Satan is bringing in the immigrants. Socialism sponsored by both parties is a violation of freedom. Government homosexual and transgender policy is degenerate and lacking sanity. The destruction of the military, police, and criminal justice system by liberal politicians is more evil. Satan is the one behind all these things.”
And, to further clear up any muddy waters, Wood explains ...

“This is all Spiritual Warfare in which Elect Angels will be breaking up Satan's strongholds. The number, 45, for the 45th President is for victory over the stronghold. The only people who will have a clue about the spiritual side of this conflict will be doctrinal believers.
The Trump Presidential victory was predicted by two hurricanes and many other indicators. Yet the weather service and media got the hurricane predictions wrong, and they got the election predictions wrong. Why? There are many reasons, but this is something new. Elect angels are on the scene kicking out Satan's crowd and making way for something new. This is a spiritual uptrend. Who knows how long it will last? But however long it lasts doctrinal believers will be able to see the Grace of God in place of the evil of Satan.”

(Larry Wood. Roaring Lion Donald Trump Elected President.” With reference to Ed Morrissey, Presidential race live blog “Hot Air.” November 09, 2016.)

My Humble Conclusions

I guess some Christians believe Donald Trump – aka the Chaos Candidate, the Roaring Lion and The Nonbeliever – has been anointed by the Main Man to heal America. (That is, after he tears down the present Nation of Idolatry.) And, they claim, this is “easy to see” because his election “defies logic.”

I totally agree about the election of Trump defying logic, but I believe I hold a different perspective on that statement.

These folks believe that in his rejection by both parties, Trump represents these Christians' answer to prayer much like the pagan king Cyrus, the fulfiller of Biblical prophecy of old. But, in the new context, Trump is going to rebuild the United States, not Jerusalem as did Cyrus, while he is crowned King of America instead of King of the Lands, the title assumed by Cyrus.

I can also testify that Donald Trump represents the hedonistic master who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods. That Trump is set to realize a biblical prophecy seems more like a prediction on one of those never-ending History Channel “Nostradamus” programs.

I take it these Christians also think the “window” for Trump is now open and good-old Larry Wood sees him fighting alongside “elect angels” to sanctify the land damned by the Four Generations Curse brought on by those foreign-speaking, satanic immigrants and degenerate homosexuals and transgenders. True believers see Trump and his angels kicking their nasty butts with the help of the nation's military and police. And, oh yeah, those evil liberals have to be banished to hell, too – preferably, the sooner, the better say many disciples.

I don't believe any of this, yet I do see how the prediction supports the claim that Trump is a racist and a bigot of heavenly proportions.

The Christian devotees say, “Hey, who knows how long all of this will take; however, it's clear that it involves plenty of hellfire and brimstone” – and most likely a few major hurricanes and God-awful earthquakes to smote the heathen liberal factions. The next few years are certainly not for the faint of heart. It is clear that Christian warfare has a tradition of being full of nasty condemnation, colossal bloodletting, and fiery conflagration.

How much of this will the Roaring Lion of the Golden Tower bring to pass? I don't know because there is no prior history of Americans under such stringent, God-ordained subjugation. At least now I can say I have been informed. I am preparing myself for the chaos that surely follows this venerated Christian appointment.

Of course I must remember, if God wills all to happen – from slavery to the Holocaust to 9/11 – all that is left is to embrace the inevitable disorder ahead. It's likely to be hell, especially for me, as I recall these words from the Bible: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only man can prevent.” 

                       --Elie Wiesel (1928-2016), Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor

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