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Mike Brumfield, Brumfield's Station, and UFO Finders

Mike Blumfield at AlienCon sharing ideas on aliens' influence on 
Western beauty culture (New York Times)

You're driving north or Rt. 23 just south of Piketon, Ohio, and you spy a large wooden carving of a bear and a large metal figure of a rooster. Beside the figures an unpaved road leads to a rural residence and some kind of offbeat, rural business known as Brumfield Station. Just past the figures there are primitive, hand-painted signs with mysterious messages about aliens and UFOs. You scratch your head and wonder “what the heck?”

If you are like me, although filled with curiosity, you have never taken the time to explore the station. At 60 miles an hour, what you can see off the road looks pretty rustic, homespun, and more than a little spooky – the kind of place that your imagination tells you would be the perfect setting for a Chainsaw Massacre film. So, you file the anomaly in your memory as one of those seldom seen, weird tourist attractions, and you drive on (with the theme from the Twilight Zone lingering in the background). You say to yourself, "Maybe some day I'll stop and see just what's going on." Of course, that never happens.

Brumfield Station is the haunt of Mike Brumfield, author and celebrated UFO hunter. Mike was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, on September 29, 1961. He graduated from Shawnee State/Ohio State University with an Associate of Applied Sciences and History. After college, Mike took work as social worker and a general manager of an assisted living center. All that sounds ordinary, but Brumfield can be described as anything but customary.

You see, Mike changed his focus to art and moved to Nashville in 1989. Whether the art led to discovery or discovery led to art, Brumfield began to pursue persistently his lifelong interest in UFOs and scientific explanation. Since that time, Mike has written as many as eight books (to date) with titles like The Discovery, Infinite Astronauts, Aliens Gold Tenth Planet, and Reality: Escape From Planet Earth!"

Brumfield claims he is on a relentless search for the truth about UFOs. He teamed up with Jeff Willes of Phoenix – known as the most celebrated UFO hunter in the world – to began filming flying saucers. Since 2006, Mike and Jeff have been finding and filming flying saucers and UFOs, and their teachings have helped others to film documented proof of these visitations.

Their footage has been purchased by Walt Disney World and used as the trailer on Return to Witch Mountain. Mike and Jeff have also made two films of their footage to be entered into the International UFO Congress. The pair continues to film to this day with avid interest in the unknown.

 For years, Brumfield and Willes have been traveling the world and filming in order to help the public solve the mystery of extraterrestrial visitations in the form of UFOs. The two have launched a DVD campaign to fund a “Jeff and Mike” reality television show. The show focuses on existing footage of UFOs as well as showing interested individuals how to find, film, and document the existence of these mysterious visitations. It's a kind of a "how to" for those with inquisitive minds.

The show also features the sale of books, videos and other items to fund production. All proceeds raised from the are being contributed to efforts to fund global meteor prevention and evacuation plans to help protect those on earth who may be impacted by a large-scale meteor strike.

That's exactly what Brumfield's work Reality: Escape From Planet Earth is all about. In the book, he tackles the ever present threat of a rogue meteor hitting Earth and snuffing out the human race. Brumfield posits that very real possibility of an extinction level event should bring humanity together to seek refuge among the stars from whence humanity sprang.

Taking examples from his own personal experiences, ancient manuscripts, and other clues embedded within our collective history, Brumfield believes that the key to the continued existence of a species is directly linked to our extraterrestrial origins.

In his powerful personal narrative, Brumfield asks, and answers, mind-bending questions like the following: Where is heaven? Are the deities of ancient lore truly alien beings that genetically engineered the human race? Can we use the clues left behind by our progenitors to escape both the bonds of this planet and the inevitability of death itself? Pretty heavy and heady stuff.

Just to stir some local interest, I recently visited the “Brumfield Station Wood Carvings” Facebook site. There, I found a post about some local sightings:

Talked to the director of SETI today (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) … just saw some more saucers over the A Plant which I live beside ... he is the head guy over the search for extraterrestrials. I asked him if he thought they existed. He said “yes” and I asked him where they are and he said “he thinks they haven't reached us yet.” I asked him if the universe is infinite then why wouldn't they be everywhere because of the infinite nature of it. It's always existed. He didn't like my question because it made his answer primitive in his thinking and narrow-minded.”

Brumfield and his wife Tammy have two sons, Matthew and Josh. He invites everyone to visit Facebook and check out his new movie video “UFO Finder.” He remains an amazing chain saw artist and a dedicated researcher. Click here for Facebook:

(“Mike Brumfield Alien Finder.”

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