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Monday, February 23, 2009

Another face in the crowd

Have you every considered what makes a person stand out from the crowd? For some, the answer is an outstanding physical attribute, a great personality trait, an instantly identifiable attitude, or a hint of an inner strength of character. Honestly, some would prefer to blend in with their crowd, staying safely concealed within the boundaries defined by their common associations. Still, most prefer to be unique people with definite talents that lend to solid, outstanding character. Many work a lifetime to enrich such an image. To think of one's own singular most accepted attribute is sobering. This characteristic seems to be less evident to an individual because of complex feelings and desires to be pretty good at all things. Yet, other people form instant and lasting impressions of acquaintances in a very short time. Remember the high school superlative choices? Think about how many of these choices turned into miscalculations. How about the divorce rate? Millions of people misjudge their first (second? third?) choice of a life mate. Humans do consciously change throughout the years and society is full of people with less than lifelong convictions. And, of course, some change is merely inevitable due to time. But, today, how do others see us? Would it change us to know the answer to this question? I'm not sure, but I have a hunch most of us have carefully shaped a formidable landmark to signal an outstanding attribute to others. Sometimes, this prominent feature is a fraud. Vanity allows many of us to believe solely in ourselves and to perpetrate this hoax upon others. More positively, others find a basic truth within and attempt to portray their real selves to their fellow human beings. These people strive to refine their image into something lasting and beautiful. I must admit I am attracted to all kinds who seem to honestly know themselves, their limitations and strengths. Moreover, I do have a special affection for those who don't exhibit a staunch singularity of behavior but who project some lighthearted mystery. Their image is confident, not arrogant, with a ear open to others because they realize the value of an open mind. How do I stand out from the crowd? I can only hope my ability to communicate is strong and my ability to understand others is equally sufficient. I want to be counted among the honest. And, I would be happy to know I have helped someone in need. That's a pretty big picture, and I hope it possesses clarity and little distortion.
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