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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mysterious Unknown

Writing blog entries sets me free, free to experiment with words and delve deeper into my ideas. I have always liked to write. Capturing print on a page releases energy and leads my unconscious mind into places I have never explored: as I begin a draft, writing is a journey of some familiarity, but as I continue writing, I never know what new adventures my words will allow me to explore. I most like to begin the process of discovery with some kernel of truth, at least truth as it appears to me. Yet, I never know where the sentences will stop or exactly what I want them to say until I keep the flow going and fluency opens doors of discovery. I merely put one word down, followed by another, another, etc. until I've had enough. Critical revision of writing is another story. Just let me say the more polishing, editing, and critiquing the piece receives, the better it becomes. Today, I thought I might explore my fascination with the unknown. Why am I often attracted to exploring subjects that involve speculation and mystery? My curiosity with subjects such as death, heaven, hell, and the universe often spills over into conversation with friends and family. I find my concepts of the unknown frequently altered by these conversations, my readings, and the media. I claim no expertise in such matters, just an extreme interest and a desire to investigate that which is unexplainable or difficult to comprehend. Do I wonder about the unknown because I feel my comprehension will somehow matter to the course of human events? Do I expect personally to gain something when I become more knowledgeable? I don't think so. I think I am curious about the unknown because I need to be curious. I need to think in order to satisfy my tiny mind that mysteries still and always will exist. To me, living without them and living without examining them would seem impossible in itself. I am able to justify these mysteries as beautiful, real parts of our world. I know many things, but those things I don't know excite my expectations and translate meaning often in music, art, dreams, and nature. So, I relate the huge mysteries to little mysteries I can more readily experience and comprehend-- a poem, a song, a picture, a beautiful sunset. I definitely don't need or expect concrete answers to burning mysteries. Though, I do need to consider these things to enjoy a satisfying life, not a gray existence. Today's scientific principles will be the discarded refuge of the future. Yet, the future will still hide its mysteries from the human mind. Albert Einstein or a newborn child, what rank on the intelligence scale unlocks more meaning of real truth or of real science, for that matter? If you think like me, no human can or will unravel God's mysterious creation. It remains for us merely to wonder and marvel about such matters. But, could our imaginations make all the difference to spirits hungry for something beyond explanation? Open yours and see the difference it can make.
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