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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Definition of Terrorism

As difficult as this may be to believe, the United Nations has yet to arrive at a definition of "terrorism." The first attempt to make an internationally acceptable definition was by the League of Nations, but the convention drafted in 1937 never came into existence. The U.N. Member States still have no agreed-upon definition. A consensus for definition of the term would certainly be necessary for a comprehensive convention on terrorism while a lack of agreement on a definition is a huge obstacle to meaningful international countermeasures. To me, this lack of consensus among nations underlies more than legal, moral, political, or religious disagreements. It smacks of plain distrust and long-held fears. Mankind maintains resentment and hatred within its folds for many reasons, but the prevailing cause of hideous terrorism is distrust in the belief that all people can live together on the same planet. In their twisted definition of freedom, the terrorists claim innocent lives and spread fear disguised as justice. Their deceitful murders are aimed at chaos and wars without rules of engagement. The cowardice acts of terrorism around the globe have to be recognized as evil, present-day threats to all innocent individuals. The most heinous aim of the terrorists is to inflict everyday fear in the most innocent. They strike and inflict their death toll on a wicked path to a false promise of an eternal reward. These murderers are not freedom fighters or religious martyrs in any sense of the terms. Instead, their aim is to enslave a populace. The dedicated members of our Armed Forces have agreed to place their lives on the line against the threat of terrorism. These American heroes and heroines stare terrorism in the face daily to protect our families at home. They are among the best of us. I have met them. I respect them. I stand by them. And, I love them and their ultimate mission. As most precious resources, they train, serve, and fight to defeat the forces of evil. Their love of their fellow man and their love of freedom will eventually lead to the release of the oppressed. God bless their endeavors. Surely, the great minds of the United Nations can distinguish terrorism and tyranny from just cause and liberty. As horrible images of terrorism are etched clearly in the minds of U.S. citizens, the U.N. can clearly define terrorism by widening their eyes to the aims and causes of injustice. Once distrust is overcome, nations can universally condemn terrorism. Then, an entire world population can dedicate itself to act and to eradicate its powerful bases.
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