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Monday, March 16, 2009

Have You Lost Your Faith?

So, you have lost your faith? Blades of green squeeze through the March winter coat On a journey to recover the cold landscape With lush new life Once again confirming the promise of nature's cycle Of growth and rebirth. So, you have lost your faith? A child's contagious laugh rings sweet and pure To remind an old man of innocent days And prove joy still abounds As the sound echoes in his heart To ignite a candle that warms his soul. So, you have lost your faith? Two old friends engage in a friendly embrace To make amends for the unforgiving past That once soiled the friendship and stained the affection Built on years of loyalty and trust To be nearly discarded to the hunger of pride. So, you have lost your faith? A long-forgotten image emerges from a page And grasps her hand through memories of love Shared long ago in simpler times When dreams inflated her life As air swelled her lungs. So, you have lost your faith? A soul finds the eyes of another with a smile And mouths a faint "thank you" That does not have to be said But speaks volumes of kindness As a most rare treasure found. So, you have lost your faith? Do you open your eyes to the goodness in life Or try to find something here to disprove The existence of a hand Much greater than yours In every creation you observe?
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