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Monday, March 16, 2009

I Pray For Soldiers Every Day

I pray for soldiers every day Who stand in foreign lands To guard our precious liberties From those with evil plans. They sacrifice for you and me Their sweat, their youth, their blood As willingly they serve the flag They fly, respect, and love. The best of us are far away In burning heat and sand But long to be safely back at home From Iraq and Afghanistan. God bless their missions from above With might and right and truth And save each one as duty calls To testify as proof. To those who want to find the strong The proof of service stands. Strong testimony are those who give Their best to lend a hand. Free souls on earth some day may dwell Each place upon the globe: A dream that guides our hopes and keeps Our troops on many roads. I pray for peace with all my might And know freedom is not free As sons and daughters take up the fight To win the victory. Soldiers know the cost of war Much better than the rest. To lose a friend they love and trust Leaves scars upon the breast. It's not merely for their country; Soldiers risk their lives to save Your way of life and comfort here In the real world U.S.A. I pray for soldiers every day. And beg you to do the same. You know that God is hearing you He knows each one by name. --Frank Thompson, March 2009
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