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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Best Poem

My best poem is unwritten My best poem is unread It resides inside my heart But can't make it to my head My best poem has no language My best poem has no rhyme It surges through my soul It's with me all the time My best poem seeks revision My best poem begs critique But since no one can read it Critics don't know what to think My best poem contains no symbols My best poem lacks a theme No metaphors, no imagery No allusion, no great esteem My best poem has no rhythm My best poem has no length Not short, not long, not measured So it will never shrink My best poem is very simple My best poem is understood It climbs into the heavens And rambles open woods My best poem breaks all boundaries My best poem will cross no lines In its perfect imperfection It exists without space and time My best poem is so tragic My best poem is so fun It cries without a tear It smiles without a pun My best poem is a classic My best poem is no fake It has the admiration of Shakespeare Shelley, Keats and Blake My best poem is the zenith The culmination of my work It also marks the lowest point Where writing demons lurk Feel the awesome power Of what is left unsaid Let it soothe your soul Let it caress your tired head Take a poetic license To ride its freedom path No need to read between the lines Because not a line it has The only way to find my poem Is to lay back and shut your eyes And let your imagination Go until it flies Let it fly into a region That language has not spoiled The dreams of unheard wisdom And innocence unspoiled Let it fly past any boundaries Yet spoken of by voice Past stars and universes vast Where angels still rejoice Let it fly until it reaches No place that can be found And finally gently settles On the virgin, unknown ground There alone you will wander And forever bravely seek My best poem ever written For strong souls and the weak My best poem was always in you My best poem always dwelt Just beyond your imagination That tiny itch you felt Promise to never write it Never words to it apply Keep its freedom and its message To pass beyond new heights My best poem always expresses The meaning deep in you You never quite deliver But you know is really true My best poem will secure you Assure you and provide A place that will sustain you As love lies deep inside Frank Thompson, March 2009
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