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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Left With Silent Footsteps

Careful not to brush a heart string, Something crept so lightly by That the heart did not awaken To the noiseless flight. Aided by the growing darkness, And cloaked in dark disguise, The eyes saw no reflection As it left before the light. Soft arts so skillfully mastered, Love's caresses it did feign. The light touch felt just deceptions Like wisps of gentle rain. Fear left no telltale traces To be drawn from the rigid air. The nose smelled no abandon In liberty so rare. No prior spoons gave reference Of feeding subtle change. The mouth did not detect a thing, Hid cleverly in its brain. Only one hint was uncovered Found in essence, not in form. The gut felt pricks of loneliness As the gap was being torn. When the soul confirmed the absence Of something from its place, It cried for its return in time And searched to fill its space. Something in the meantime Had sped miles to find a place Where happiness grew new each day With smiles on every face. Did something every find it? No one will likely know. The missing parts of people Seldom ever show. Frank Thompson March, 2009
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