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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Allure of Actresses

Marilyn Monroe Many actresses of today depend upon their raw sex appeal to propel them into the spotlight and ignite the adoration of millions of fans. No doubt, these beauties attract attention and acclaim with their fabulous physical attributes often featured in nude, steamy sex scenes. Sex goddess status demands meeting the public view of stunning fleshly perfection. And, many of these beautiful women are brilliant actresses who merely use their bodies as assets to the art. Ava Gardner As attractive as the desirable body may be, one quality of beauty and enticement that seems almost indefinable is allure. This term entails a charming and glamorous seductive quality enhanced through physical elegance. Vivian Leigh Film actresses of long ago, often because of strictly censored sexual content regulations, had to develop their goddess appeal without explicit nudity and steamy bedroom scenes. Yet, the alluring qualities of these actresses made them no less desirable than the starlets of today. In fact, many would claim these women through revealing less, actually enticed more. Syd Charisse Allure has to involve sensual (not merely sexual) mystery and behavioral beauty. Also, many note allure has a something to do with imperfections. In other words, a physical imperfection in an otherwise beautiful woman adds to her allure. For example: one very alluring actress, Ava Gardner, had shoulders much too wide and legs much too short, but she had allure with a capital A. Rita Hayworth Self assured women have seemingly ideal feminine qualities, traits and attributes. These alluring women have self images that are are not affected by their competition, and they will not even discuss these things in groups. Their self confidence exudes calm sexiness. She has nothing to do with "bitch" or "hater" qualities so boldly used to challenge others with an "in-your-face" attitude of domination. Women with allure are subtle and secure within themselves. Liz Taylor Most would agree that alluring women know how to flirt in a chaste manner while batting eye lashes, flipping hair, and making a man feel that "he's a man among men." The word coy may describe alluring flirtation. These women are more kittenish than catty, more evasive and unassertive than viperous. Grace Kelly Most importantly, the quality of allure isn't just from makeup, hair, or curvy bodies. The sexy allure stems from the brain. "It generates fantasy, devises seduction routines, and is aroused by sight, scent, and smell," says Vivienne Parry, science editor of the British edition of Good Housekeeping. Greta Garbo Bridget Bardot Nina Rae McKenny Rita Moreno Hedy Lamarr
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