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Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You See Me?

Your vision extends as far as your eyes can see. You rely on your vision to steer safely Around the dangerous obstacles and sharp curves That slow your journey to the next point of view. I am the menacing figure in the distance. Your eyes communicate the hazard To your conditioned brain And you swerve and speed past me, Just one more inconvenience in your life. Your eyes never really saw me, The "me" inside the looming stance Of pride and conviction of purpose. Just eyes, missing hidden dimensions, And scanning the surface of my intrusion. I stand alone now on the highway of confrontation Wishing that you might have atomized me Into a million tiny fragments of matter From my hidden insides to reveal the proof Of your real intent. The danger of mutual damage in this case Prevented you from being the innocent witness Of such real devastation of body and soul. Yet, oh how sweet it would have been To have stepped on the gas and taken dead aim. What right did I have to occupy your eyes And interrupt your carefree day? I could have become the ruin of your content As I exist merely to get in the way And, somehow, think I matter too. It's a cold, long walk with only my thoughts As I tramp my way along the miles alone. You are probably home now with friends And resting your limited eyes To discern how best to judge tomorrow's fears.
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