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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fading Love

Fading love grows vicious tentacles That grab and suction onto Rigid conditions from a sea of rich choices To glut its voracious appetite for overbearance. The beast, camouflaged in its natural domain, Silently stretches its long, meddlesome arms Into the tightest crevices of trust and confidentiality To uncover new requisites of personal admiration. When threatened, love immediately jets aback Retreating rapidly to safety Amid a cloud of inky deceit Safe to ponder new strategies for its risky carelessness. With no skeletal frame to contain its form, Fading love hides from time to time In slits inaccessible to those with backbone Who dare to release its captured demands of prey. Highly intelligent, the creature learns To play against those who do not conform With the changes resulting from rules Formulated in its independent behavior. Crushed in the beak of faded love While being held in the poisonous embrace of its eight arms, A struggling, once-held attribute becomes a meal That fails to escape to freedom.
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