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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mentally Discarded

Familiar voices speak in foreign tongues
I feel no core of being
Wandering becomes the only sense
Of movement for my broken mind
What's left of life funnels to this deep hole
Sucked down and spiraling toward the
Final maddening finish of emotions
And of understanding and of love
It's a journey I travel alone
No friend or mate will offer hands
Fearing my disease might push them over the edge
I don't expect them to fulfill shallow hopes
My every golden principle tarnished in time
Each eagerly clawed for a pound of flesh
I'm held accountable for every blown line
Until the curtain falls to silent acclaim
Speak a trite "hello," a superficial "how are you?"
Then spit upon what's left behind
Connive the means to get ahead
And figure who your next fool will be
I can't escape or be forgiven here
I am a witless, braying ass to try
I'm living undead in the real world
A living heart for carrion meat
So just leave me alone
Don't remind me of an evil past
Don't count on me for anything
Just dust me off the shelf with pride
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