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Friday, June 5, 2009

Your Good Behavior Will Get You What?

Don't count on a stockpile of anything saved from yesterday. It will disappear in time. Slow disintegration or quick destruction will ravage every little fragment. After it's gone, you can wish it back or mourn its loss but that won't change a thing.
Material possessions, good deeds, and so-called sacred relationships-- nobody besides you really cares to keep score of what you've done to help. In fact, the moment (the now) is so important to most people that they choose to bypass any nice interruptions in their world to pass go and collect another $200.00 (or is it more in new Monopoly?) for their own pockets.
This is a Christian belief that baffles me: good deeds won't put a person in heaven. Sometimes, I want to be really bad when I should be good because "being good" doesn't count. Since a divine incentive is nonexistent, why shouldn't I just behave in any manner I wish? Concern for others? Don't believe that for a moment. Other people would just as soon be vengeful and indignant with the shortcomings of a fellow man to elevate their own status.
Just when a person thinks he is living for others, the others begin judging behaviors and find fault because their receiving system doesn't match the giving system of the other person. And, boy, is there strength in numbers. Receiving support for their critical judgment, the person claims truth and solidifies his bandwagon. In truth, no one could ever do enough to satisfy one other person because the person is unwilling to accept alternate views as possible correct interpretations.
Have you ever noticed how judgment is most always critical, seldom complimentary. And, the critical judgment is seldom forgotten by the judge. People do store and count all conduct deemed to be misbehavior committed by others. So, these negative memories have much more force and weight than any good behaviors in arguments conducted later on. Stockpiled like nuclear missiles, any past alleged injustices are itching to be launched, damning ammunition to shoot down any collected decent works.
People will dwell in the land of frequent negativity given a chance. Don't tell me humans are not bent on making things and people suffer. It's the newest form of mind torture. Bitches and thugs want power and worship for their money, looks, and control. They don't care if good behavior gets them what they want; they want instantaneous satisfaction at some one's expense. For the life of me, I can't see why people don't recognize this and squash this behavior.
So, my experience tells me, (1) Good is basically something you must not expect to get you anywhere in an argument or in a fight. (2) The good you deliver is most misunderstood yet most expected by those you know best. (3) You fools keep talking about Karma when you don't even know the concept, and let me tell you, it is not always going to "come back around." What do you base that belief on? Your own self-righteous judgment? (4) Good appears good as long as the recipient is benefiting from it. (5) People would rather see your flaws than your best attributes because they are always looking to "get a leg up."
Businesses, schools, institutions, organizations are all guilty of crucifying a person for a bad behavior instead of forgiving him/her for a host of good behaviors. What used to be called the "halo effect" or giving a break to decent folk is gone.
In one last opinion, I believe that men are the recipients of most negative labels. Men are no longer encouraged to have equality. Fault is their destiny. In a time when women took more traditional roles, men were more respected. Our society largely uses men as scapegoats for most social ills. Men now have very little importance in the family. And, since the family is failing, women have very little need for men in general and are entirely sympathetic with alternative lifestyles.
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