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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brief Stories For Your Pleasure

Today is unusual news day on the blog. In this post, I am highlighting some news that may be more tabloid in nature than factually newsworthy. The stories are brief and presented with little detail. Much more information is available on the Net if you are curious enough to investigate more fully. I hope you enjoy a few quick reads.

Wacky Qaddafi and the Donald

From Fox News and a State Department official, we learn that the Libyan government pitched a tent in suburban Bedford New York that Muammar Qaddafi may have used for entertaining while in town for the U.N. General Assembly meeting. The town of Bedford has ordered dismantling of the structure, claiming the tent violated code because people were sleeping in it, and it was erected without a proper permit.   

Interesting also is that it appears the property (Seven Springs estate, which rents out for tens of thousands of dollars per month) was rented from Donald Trump. Trump denies knowing that his property was leased to Qaddafi, saying that it’s possible that it was arranged for Qaddafi through a Middle-Eastern business partner without his knowing. Now, we learn that Qaddafi apparently will not be showing up in Bedford at all.

Mackenzie Phillips and Her Papa

Actress Mackenzie Phillips tell-ll new book, High on Arrival, reveals she had a long-term incestuous relationship with her father, musician John Phillips of the 60's group the Mamas and Papas. Her first recollection of her father having sex with her was on the night before her wedding (She was 19 at the time.) to Jeff Sessler, a member of the Rolling Stones entourage.

Phillips also told talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey that it was her father who shot her up for the first time with cocaine when she was just ten years old. “Don’t hate my father,” former childhood star Mackenzie Phillips told People Magazine. Phillips said the sexual relationship, although she believes it became consensual, was "an abuse of power" and "a betrayal" on her father's part. She said she forgave John Phillips on his deathbed. (The Huffington Post)

Elton Rejected In Bid For a Child

Joy Behar of CNN reported, "On a recent tour of a Ukrainian orphanage, Elton John and his partner met Lev, a 14-month old HIV-positive boy. They immediately fell in love with the child, but their possible bid to adopt the adorable tiny dancer was rejected by Yuriy Pavlenko, Ukraine's Family, Youth and Sports Minister."

The Ukrainian government said Elton and his beau David Furnish are too old to adopt the boy. Some believe it sounds as if the real reason is they're too gay. John and Furnish tied the knot in 2005, becoming one of Britain's first gay civil unions, but Ukraine doesn't recognize gay unions.

Whose Embryo?

Stephanie Smith, CNN Medical Producer, reported Ohio native Carolyn Savage found out the results of her pregnancy test 10 days after undergoing in vitro fertilization."The doctor told me in one sentence, 'Carolyn is pregnant, but we transferred the wrong embryos,'" Carolyn's husband Sean said. "I didn't even know that could physically happen. It was a total shock, totally beyond the realm of possibility."
In a tragic mix-up, the Savages say the fertility clinic where Carolyn underwent in vitro fertilization implanted another couple's embryos into Carolyn's uterus.After learning about the mistake, the Savages made two decisions right away: They would not abort the baby, and when he was born, they would relinquish the baby to his DNA parents.They say doctors have advised against any more pregnancies for Carolyn, so they are working out terms with a gestational carrier, or surrogate, to carry some of their stored embryos for them.

Still, even if a surrogate can eventually help them expand their family, the Savages say that the memory of the child they gave up will always linger.

Metal Detector Fortune

Fox Sky News reported an unemployed man has unearthed the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found with the help of his metal detector. Because of the size of the find, it could take more than a year to calculate its value.

Terry Herbert from Burntwood, Staffordshire, found the hoard in a private field with his trusty 14-year-old metal detector. Over five days in July, the 55-year-old dug up a fortune on the farmland near to his home. The find was declared as treasure by coroner Andrew Haigh, which means the cache will be offered for sale after it is valued.

More than 1,500 pieces of treasure—including around 11lbs of gold and 5.5lbs of silver—has now been uncovered. Archaeologists believe the hoard dates back to the seventh century and may have belonged to Saxon royalty. Among the riches are warfare paraphernalia, including sword pommel caps and hilt plates, often inlaid with precious stones. 

Day Care and Dog Fights

Fox News and the Associated Press printed a story from Chicago Ridge, Illinois, that stated a home day care was the site of a dogfighting ring. Investigators who raided the house found "a blood-spattered garage floor and battered and malnourished dogs not far from where the children played." Also found were bite sticks and a treadmill altered to be used specifically to train the dogs.

Police said four people were arrested, and felony dogfighting charges are pending against several of them, including the day care operator's husband. Authorities did not immediately release their names.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said approximately 10 children were found in the day care during the raid Tuesday, but they were not in the immediate vicinity of the dogs.The day care has been licensed since March 2004 and for a capacity of seven children. Two prior complaints were received — in 2006 and 2007 — about dogs.

Nine battered dogs — four of which were puppies — were rescued, police said. "The dogs were in horrific condition," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said at the Animal Welfare League in suburban Chicago Ridge, where several of the dogs were undergoing surgery and rehabilitation. "This is as bad as we've seen."

Global Capital of Feminicides 

A phenomenon of female homicides (feminicidios) in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, (a bustling city across the border from El Paso) involves the violent deaths of hundreds of women between 12 and 22 years of age since 1993. ( Ciudad Juarez is known as "the global capital of feminicides." The murders have stunned the city and attracted global attention. Many were students, and most were factory workers. A number were relative newcomers to Ciudad Juarez who had migrated from other areas of Mexico.The victims have been strangled, battered, and stabbed to death.

The city grows by 60,000 people every year. Forty years ago Ciudad Juarez was a town of 20,000, but 1.6 million people live there today. Across the region, women are murdered more than anywhere else in the world.

According to Amnesty Internationa as of February 2005 more than 370 young women and girls had been murdered in the cities of Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. Some of the cases have been solved, although unnamed "experts" speculate that "90 or more" may be serial murder victims. But no one seriously claims that one person is responsible for all of the murders although most of the cases remain unsolved.

In fact, police have jailed more than a dozen suspects --the first in 1995. Each new arrest is hailed as a "solution" to the grisly murder spree, but the body count still increases. Many residents and some discouraged investigators now believe that the police themselves may be behind some of the murders or, at least, behind a cover-up of the murders.

On May 30, 2005, President Vicente Fox told reporters that the majority of the Juárez killings had been resolved and the perpetrators placed behind bars. He went on to criticize the media for "rehashing" the same 300 or 400 murders, and said matters needed to be seen in their "proper dimension." reported that Leopoldo Gonzalez Baeza, chairman of the state human rights commission, thinks the whole issue is a product of exaggeration by the media. "We have the whole world against us, even Jennifer Lopez," he complained.

Can You Say, "Superfoetation"?

A pregnant woman from Arkansas shocked doctors when her ultrasound showed her growing baby girl and a second, younger male fetus growing beside her. reported, Julia Grovenburg conceived the second baby two-and-a-half weeks after the first and they are both developing side by side in her womb.The babies are an extremely rare case of "superfoetation" when a woman conceives for a second time while already pregnant. The babies are not twins and have different due dates. Superfoetation is an extremely unusual and rare condition.

Experts say a gap of two and one-half weeks should be no problem for the babies. If the children are born on their due dates, Jillian will be a 2009 baby and Hudson will be born in 2010.

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