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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

H1N1 Swine Flu Theories for Those Who Want To Know

Swine Flew
Well, today is fun day for conspiracy-motivated theorists of the current H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic. I have found more than enough material for those of you interested in the flu, its origins, and its purpose. Saying that, I am laughing as I type. Human beings love mystery, controversy, and intrigue. H1Ni presents a great opportunity for those skeptical of the government, big corporations, and other possible evil doers to inject life into unfounded speculation. I hope you enjoy this romp through many current theories of the day. The Top H1N1 Conspiracy Theories 1. Key figures in the U.S. Government are in conspiracy to commit mass murder against virtually the entire population of the United States. An Austrian journalist has filed charges against the World Health Organization (WHO) and key figures in the U.S. government. The virus, she claims, is a bio-engineered weapon that was deliberately released as a pretext to institute a mass vaccination program in the United States. Rather than helping however, the forced vaccinations are designed to kill almost all of the population in the US, giving the surviving elite exclusive access to the vast natural resources of the country.( 2. The New World Order plans to enforce experimental H1N1 vaccine on the world's population. As proof of theory, Michael Jackson may have been murdered by such means. LA Police are treating his death as a potential homicide. Michael would have denounced enforced vaccines during his tour. He reportedly planned to publish his belief that the vaccine may be a genocide plot by the New World Order. ( 3. The goal of the swine flu epidemic and vaccine is depopulation. This theory is speculated by Catherine Austin Fits (Current US congresswomen – used to be part of the Bush party, but quit in 1991). One believer said, "Since becoming exposed to the idea of Chemtrails (chemical trails laid by aircraft) I’ve started to watch the sky’s, that was two months ago. These chemtrails may have some agent in them to weaken humans immune systems so as to have more flu cases to prop up the argument for compulsory vaccinations or perhaps there’s H1N1 in them. (, guerrilla news network) 4. Gilead Sciences and Donald Rumsfeld sold the alleged idea of the epidemic to make money with tax dollars. Tamiflu is an antiviral medication used to treat influenza. It will be the prime medication sold to protect citizens from swine flu as it was for avian flu. All healthcare workers, military and essential service workers will need a dose available and it will be bought with your tax dollars.Tamiflu is made and patented by Gilead Sciences and Donald Rumsfeld was the chairman of this company before he joined the Bush administration. When the Avian Flu scare flashed across the television sets of Americans, Gilead Sciences stock went through the roof. ( 5. The alleged H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic is being formed to create the opportunity to declare martial law and prevent public gatherings like the upcoming Tea Party events or other political unrest gatherings. The USA Government expects political unrest resulting from the poor economy and corruption related to the bank bailouts, AIG and the 2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill. (Jim Rogers on Bloomberg, Cynical Patriot,"There Will Be Civil Unrest in the U.S. and Other Countries") 6. Using press passes, the ratings-controlled media is getting access to government labs with the virus and spreading it using their Mexican affiliates to help sagging TV news ratings and plummeting ad revenues. Without a huge increase in ratings TV news could go the way of the newspaper. ( 7. Anti-immigration forces are using H1Ni to close the borders once and for all and reduce the overpopulation problem in one "final solution." This is in response to democrats moving forward on legalizing illegals. 8. PETA launched the outbreak of H1Ni hoping to end meat production once and for all. Finally sick of humans enslaving their animal brothers, PETA's endmeat strategy included the bird flu and mad cow. 9. Since Mexico is much easier to attack and Muslims hate pigs, the U.S. Government launched the virus to take care of terrorists. With Mexicans working everywhere they are literally the modern day rat capable of spreading plague across the planet of infidels. 10. With surgical mask producers sitting on huge inventories and facing bankruptcy, these companies are spreading word of the increasing dangers of the outbreak to produce the largest manufacturing runs for surgical masks in world history.Unlike GM they had easy access to medical supplies and the medical expertise necessary. 11. Mexican drug cartels are using H1N1 to finish off the Mexican Army. With a standing army nearly the same size as the government, the drug cartels still lack the heavy artillery to defeat the Mexican Army.The cartels have the money, resources and reason to launch this outbreak. 12. U.S. labor unions, in a desperate bid for survival against third world workers, have invested millions of extra dollars in union dues into spreading H1Ni to eliminate Mexican counterparts. U.S. labor unions with employee wages costing dozens of times more than Mexican workers' wages have finally gone on the offensive. 13. Anti-Catholic forces realize the only way to close Catholic churches is to attack them at their source (Mexico) with the H1N1 virus. Catholicism is on the verge of dying out — everywhere except for Mexico. Without the faithful Mexicans, Catholic churches across the country would be empty. 14. Faced with rising costs and a looming recession, a splinter group from the American Medical Association released the disease to save their expensive cars and homes from foreclosure. Once news of the swine flu hit the cable news, the treatable disease would put anyone with a cough or a temperature in the doctor’s office. 15. The outbreak was caused by dust deposited high in the atmosphere by passing comets being forced down to earth by energy generated by cooler patches on the sun's surface, known as sunspots. (Current Science) So there you have it, a smorgasbord of H1N1 conspiracy theories. You can choose to believe one or combine theories to suit your will. Just one caution: you may find good, theoretical support hard to find. Or, you can let yourself wonder for a while and ingest everything to consider over time. Oliver Stone certainly had no problem with throwing together speculative information in his movie JFK. Myself, I am firmly committed to the Warren Report.

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