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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Punctuation, Baby

I Want You To Be My Punctuation Baby or "The Disambiguation Formulation" I'd like to hand you a ? and ask you do to find the right answer. I'd like to slow you down with a , to give me a chance to breathe. I'd like to repeat what you said with a set of " and capture it on paper. I'd like to make an ! and have you tell me how you feel. I'd like to make a statement, introduce it with a : and have you list the reasons. I'd like to write a sentence followed by a ; and have you express another closely related thought. I'd like to interrupt my statement with a set of ( ) and have you place less important information between. I'd like to write an adjective that is compound and have you place a - between the two related words. I'd like to write a sentence and give you a set of -- to interrupt it with something that needs emphasized. I'd like to give you an ' so you can have you have a shortened contraction. I'd like to supply you with a quote and give you ... to show me what's been left out. I'd like to end it with a . and never discuss it anymore.
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