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Monday, October 5, 2009

Your Avatar Wants To What?

Step right up avatar fans! An anonymous group at called I Want to Have My Way With Someone's Avatar subtitled "It's Just Too Sexy to Resist" features a forum, a chat board, and other online experiences. A warning "This group may contain mature content" is posted on the site.

Here at I Want to Have My Way..., your avatar can connect with people's avatars to share experiences. And, yes, you can read hundreds of true stories, get feedback and comments, chat in the discussion forum, help others, meet new friends, and so much more -- all free!

With the combination of chat rooms' appeal with the World Wide Web's glitz, avatars are being considered the first wave of a new force in social computing, giving Internet users characters with which to interact and learn about the world. Now avatars are viewed as an impetuous to the momentum of virtual reality.

True, the development of the technology still has a long way to go. For example, currently there are limits to the range of interaction, expression, and motion that can be produced with avatars.  However, as with most technologies with market potential, the forces of competition will most likely lead to increased improvements in
avatar capabilities and features.

In terms of acceptance, Microsoft, World's, and Compuserve feel that the appeal of the Internet will only be enhanced by the use of avatars and 3-D chat rooms versus the use of plain, typed-text dialogue.(Derral Fralish, Crystal Mario, Elaine Mitchell, Matthew Peterson, and Lisa Smith, Emory University, Business 552E) 

Avatars are expected to create potential for the following: 

  • Advertising and promotion (virtual ads and commercials, give-aways, scavenger hunts, coupons)
  • Academic instruction and education (virtual universities, classrooms, lecture halls)
  • Tools for behavioral and social sciences (virtual psychoanalysis, re-enactment therapy, social and cultural interaction and observation)
  • Methods of communication and training in business and professions (risk-free and "life-like" training for managers, physicians, and other professionals)
  • Aids for the handicapped and infirm (participation in a virtual world with very little boundaries)
  • Other entertainment (virtual movies, virtual versions of board games, clubs, cafes, etc.)
  • Financial institutions (electronic commerce, virtual stock markets, etc.)
  • "Spin-off" technologies (to be determined)

The more compelling consideration for these emerging technologies is that anything that currently exists in our "real" world has the potential to be duplicated and/or capitalized on in the virtual world. The market potential for these Internet tools is truly significant.

I thought it might be interesting for someone to start these new avatar groups:

1. My Pet Avatar Wants to Have Its Way With Somebody's Pet Avatar

2. My Nurse Avatar Wants to Take Care of Somebody's Patient Avatar

3. My Gold-digger Avatar Wants to Nanny Your Rich Old Man Avatar

4. My Democrat (or) Republican Avatar Wants to Debate Your Democrat (or) Republican Avatar

5. My Facebook Avatar Wants to lol With Your Facebook Avatar

6. My Flat-chested Avatar Wants to Make Friends with Your Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Avatar

7. My Language-deficient Avatar Wants to Let Your Valedictorian Avatar Write His Compositions

8. My Calmness-deprived Avatar Wants to be the Only Member of Your Solitude Group

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