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Monday, January 4, 2010

What Caused the Death of FDR?

New Information -- The Death of FDR

In an incredible story from the New York Post (January 3, 2010) author Eric Fettman and neurologist Dr. Steven Lomazow, after a five-year investigation, concluded in their new book, FDR's Deadly Secret, a striking historical finding about the diagnosis of President Franklin D. Roosevelt:

"It has long been known that President Franklin D. Roosevelt, during the last year of his life, was gravely ill with serious cardiac problems: He'd been diagnosed with acute heart failure in March 1944 and suffered from astronomically high blood pressure  and arteriosclerosis.

"But what the public did not know was that four years earlier, while still in the second of his four terms as president, FDR had been diagnosed with a deadly skin cancer, melanoma, in a lesion over his left eyebrow."

Even more interesting, Fettman and Lomazow said Roosevelt had been informed, in no uncertain terms, in the summer of 1944 by Dr. Frank Lahey, an eminent surgeon, that he would not survive a fourth term; however, 24 hours later FDR told Democratic leaders he would run for re-election.
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