Monday, June 14, 2010

A Love Poem, I Think

Innocence of Being

The energy of love sustains
The life force or our being
As a form free of creation or destruction.

At its core lay the energy of innocence
Whose wants and desires and mysteries
Project degrees of our self perception.

Others arouse this innocence
Setting careless flames to our self perception
By holding mirrors of scrutiny too close.

So we walk fire with self and simply react
To the disharmony inherent in our disease,
And we believe nothing is lost and nothing is gained.

Accepting the physical nature of all humans
As flesh, muscles, bone, and tissue,
We lose unconsciousness to grasp a love of fleeting reality.

We deny the trinity of love in frantic, convulsive action
Instead of total absorption in the not-I
Of one beyond the separation of individual identity.

But, again, the Promethean flame rises steadily from within
The whole-E spirit formed in darkness before mentality.
And the everliving energy of love shields the core of innocence.

Physically renewed, we remain grounded as pilgrims on Mother Earth
Yet prone to search for the Home of perpetual love
Until the pendulum stills and an unrealized virgin energy answers.

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