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Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the City Dump

I carried you from the Flood of  Tears
When you couldn't swim.

I urged you to walk your own path on dry ground
When others insisted you take the more common route.

I prodded you to reach beyond your perception of limits
When doubt showed its beastly fangs.

I taught you the little I know about living
When your imploring eyes locked onto mine.

I told you "You're better than that"
When you gave up hope and left.

I begged you not to let your guard down
When impostors whispered things you wanted to hear.

I asked you to remember the wisest words
When wild temptation called.

I advised you to understand that mistakes happen
When you railed against the unrighteous system.

I told you to

Rise up,
Find hope,


Be steadfast.

I didn't ask you to twist my words
When you didn't like what I had to say.

I didn't ask you to stop believing in me
When you caught me in a fault.

I didn't ask you to place me aside
When I became damaged goods.

 I didn't ask you to talk around me
When I sat mangled and ruined. 

I didn't ask you to console in new friends
When you found my amity wasn't good enough.

I didn't ask you to find fault in all I do
When you wanted my blood.

I didn't ask you to say "I wish you'd die"
When you felt a burden I had placed.

I didn't ask you to be done with me
When you decided I was refuse.

There's no karma.
No equality.
No Camelot.

There's no fairy tale come true.
No guarantee.
No cakewalk.

There's no simple answer.
No justice.
No independence.

There's no guru.
No unselfish love.
No free lunch.

There is you.
There is me.


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