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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You Just Wearing a White Hat Or Are You Acting Like a Good Guy?

In a perfect world, right would always prevail: the good guys in the white hats would save the community from evil and the future would be filled with joy. And, why shouldn't we strive for a perfect world? I know of no better goal because, in reality, we understand that raising our goals a little higher than our best expectations is healthy as long as we accept living as an ongoing, ever-challenging process of working for healthy, noble outcomes. Working toward perfection raises our own standards and allows us to view the true power of spirit and will.

When others insist on accepting gross imperfection and even find ways to profit from the ugly, cancerous flaws, we must lift our own standards and attempt to lift the standards of others to combat the evil perpetuated by these greedy profiteers. True, these gluttonous individuals may care for their close friends and relatives while they practice their trade, but, make no mistake, they lack the critical conscience necessary to consider the common good. They live for the "me" and never consider the lethal outcomes of their cold dealings.

People in my area are tired of watching hoggish hombres steal money, destroy families and take human lives. These good people have had a taste of how influential and effectual they can be if (1) they have a righteous cause, and (2) they combine their resources. Using these principles, they continue a climb ever closer to perfection.Over and over I hear dedicated people say, "I now realize a light is shining on Scioto County, and new miracles take place every day." Many of these people have paid the ultimate price and understand the need to stand united and strong. They have yet to stand in full sunlight, but they have realized this light sustains and empowers.

A curious thing happens as people strive toward perfection. Luck and circumstance become minor players as industry and perseverance take the lead roles. The first step is always the hardest, full of self-doubt and fear. But action dispels trepidation. Soon, people gain confidence, find their individual voices, and attract attention to their struggles. Others want to know "What is going on?"  They ask, "How did you do that?"  They wonder, "What else good is going to happen?"

Don't get me wrong here. Perfection does not magically materialize from all the good activity. Far from it, the action of many good people stirs the pot of the masses and prods the malignancy of the wicked. Doubters and naysayers of all types are quick to ridicule while the criminals devise and employ new roadblocks in the cover of the doubers' shadows. Any battle worth fighting is bound to be bloody. No area in Ohio knows this better than Scioto County. So many angels from above assist in the fray.

Today, a large, unified, dedicated team is striving toward perfection. The hill, no, the mountain, they climb is very steep and extremely high, but they no longer care how difficult the trek may be. You see, they have learned to revel in each positive step they achieve on their way to the peak. They are set on perfection, not on simple improvement. Why shouldn't they be? Only by striving for perfection will the group achieve lofty goals. And, as objective after objective continues to be obtained, these people grow more robust and more durable. Also, others pick up their standards and join the journey. To be sure, a long climb remains, but the campers are happy. In brief, they are seasoned veterans.

Of course, most importantly, no group of white hats can achieve a thing without the leadership of the one who wears the whitest topper. All shades of perfection are painted by the Master. The earthbound good guys must follow His directions. They must listen to Him and do His will. The control is His. And, all positive steps achieved are for His glory. His truth will go marching on.

My county is home to the best grass roots buckaroos. No one can convince me that this spirit does not stem from the land and from the ancestry. We folks want simple, good things in life. Many of these things have been denied to us for so long that some have lost faith. And, I do mean Faith. But many others are finding the real value of their upbringing and their beliefs.

Their devotion and trust is bolstered in fidelity and tempered by the challenging situations they have lived through. We are not short on these qualities in Scioto County. But, now we are not satisfied to merely "hang" onto the boot of Ohio or to be beneath the heel of a swift boot by the nation. We have a perfect day set in mind and a sharp focus on that prize. The prize becomes clearer every passing day.

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