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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Things I Hold Onto

Lately, entries of length have forsaken my keyboard. Sometimes, I just don't want to think a lot. At those times I often seek a little comfort in simplicity. Hell, who do I think I am kidding? I always seek comfort in simplicity. It's the true nature of an Appalachian mind. Given an alternative between complexity and straightforward design, the Southern Ohioan usually takes the path of least resistance.

I think Henry Ford once said, "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." So, today, Ford wouldn't be too happy with me. The thought process has a holiday. I'm tired of so-called "hard thinking." I just want some respite. I have decided to write down some very basic kernels of knowledge in the post.

During my life I have tried to accumulate and disseminate basic understandings. Not that these perceptions are flawless diamonds of wisdom, but certain notions do ring truer for me than others. So, here are a few hackneyed saws. I hope you don't receive any wooden nickles in the post. None of these reflections has the most basic guarantee. They seem to work for me, but consider the source.

* We never really "get over it."

* Anything less than the truth is a lie.

* We often wrongly judge and detest the things most opposite our nature.

* Time can hurt or heal in equal measures.

* Bonds of similar gender create powerful allegiance.

* "It's too late" is reality best forgotten.

* The sage became so after working through mountains of his/her own ignorance.

* Scars are vital and useful, the visible and invisible lingering marks of unpleasant experiences.

* Mounds of talk usually result in teaspoons of action.

* A cornered dove will fight for its life.

* "Picking up where we left off" often should have been done the day before.

* No song should be sung unless the singer possesses its basic understanding.

* Ornamentation and disguise can never take the place of a beautiful soul.

* Realizing a graceful end can be much more difficult than establishing a bright beginning.

* In the end, the most damaging stress is that stress we put on ourselves.

* Bullies with black eyes usually find it much more difficult to intimidate others.

* "Being you" requires forward motion. 

* No belief is beyond question, but all faith requires a measure of blind allegiance.

* Please and thank you are preferred, but sometimes a direct order gets more immediate results.

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