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Friday, May 13, 2011

Deadly Chemicals Blanket America

America Is Under Attack From Huge Waves of Chemical Releases

A deadly chemical cloud is darkening the heart of the nation. Exposure to these manmade substances has already decimated countless thousands. A spokesman for the FDA reports that health officials have made numerous attempts to stop the spread of this deadly scourge currently ravaging Appalachia, but all attempts to curtail it have thus far failed. 

Casualties have been catastrophic. 30,000 people have died this past year and 6 million more have become ill with little chance of recovery. America is under a devastating chemical attack. This is the horrible reality in the United States of 2011 that many just do not comprehend... yet.

The toxins, largely unchecked, have saturated the Appalachian region during the last thirteen years causing a massive public health epidemic. Entire communities have fallen victim to the releases. In recent years, these agents have spread nationwide. Now, the entire country is at risk. Currently, all Americans face wave after wave of issues of these lethal compounds. 

Researchers have traced the makeup of some forms of the deadly agents to Germany in 1916. In the United States, the active chemical ingredients have been around for well over six decades. Warnings about the potential dangers of injurious leaks can be traced as far back as the 1960's when many reports told of the possibilities of deadly hazards concerning their misuse. Since the early 1990's the most virulent releases of these toxins have occurred.

Death rates have risen steadily since 1970. In 2007 alone more than 27,600 deaths occurred in the United States. In that year, the number of deaths were second only to motor vehicle crash deaths among leading causes of unintentional injury death.

According to projections from trend lines, the frequent releases will claim 40,000 people next year while another 7 million will become ill and exhibit symptoms of extreme distress. Many blame these chemical releases upon the widespread aggressive off-label marketing practices and misleading information regarding the appropriate uses, risks, and safety of the chemical vehicles. Actually, there has been a ten-fold increase in those people using the products over the last twenty years.

The use of prescription pain relievers, stimulants, sedatives and tranquilizers in an abusive manner continues. Current trends show younger people, including teenagers, are becoming addicted to these prescription medications, as well as elderly patients.

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