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Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Two Places At Once

I awoke from a dreamless sleep to find myself in two places. The first place I found myself was inviting. My eyes verified this conscious existence; they told me that I was at home in my living room at 6:30 A.M., May 1, 2011. Hope and vitality filled me. I saw another morning, a new day unfolding before me, a limitless opportunity yet uncluttered by recollection. But in just a minute or two the second place took precedence. My brain snapped into place and presented a vast inner landscape littered with refuse and half-finished plans and deeds. Trepidation and anxiety flooded through the open valve of my conscience.

In truth, I almost shut my eyes again to beckon more unconscious behavior. I didn't though. I began to think, to reconsider old business, and to plot the necessary "next steps" of the day. I had done this millions of time before so the reality of the day didn't push me beneath the surface, and I started to tread water again.

Is it any wonder people want to forget the past and open new days with freshly washed slates shining before them? Much to their dismay, they find that cannot take their first daily steps into a bright future free of problems and obligations. In fact, they must figure out how to lighten the burden of yesterday, pack the needed accumulations of the past, and carry the load to new destinations. This task is very difficult, and the pack can become increasingly heavier with time.

It would be great if everyone, at the end of every day, could toss their pressing anxieties into a pile to be devoured by hungry, encumbrance-loving automatons that possessed the knowledge and skills needed to solve any problem. Each morning would be spotless and beautiful ivory to the eyes and the brain of all.

New starts would be great, but consider this -- if nothing carried over, people would likely do any and everything with the understanding that negative behaviors would all be forgotten. Wouldn't the days become "dog eat dog" and survival of the fittest to a greater degree than present reality?

I think people deserve understanding and love. I know the shortage of both hurts the individual dealing with planting new and stronger footsteps. The complexity of life weighs upon all. We cannot avoid new, complicated situations. But, how can we expect to live better lives if we succumb to negativity? We all want the help of others. We all need the help of others. Without the help of others, we surely perish in mind and in body.

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